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I've been saving up FOREVER and finally got a new vessel.

Funds not only came from actual manual labor.... My Dad approved a plan of mine. Most of our computers are from the Windows 98 - Early days of XP era. He let me sell our SEVEN old computers so that I could get new ones for the family. Deal is, I get mine first :D

So, enough with the story...

The laptop is an ASUS G50Vt. Specs:
  • Centrino 2 Core 2 Duo 2.13GHz Proc
  • Nvidia GeForce 9800M GS 512MB
  • 320GB HDD
  • 4GB RAM
  • Windows Vista Home Premium

This thing spins circles around my 5-year-old Pentium 4. Best of all, it didn't break my bank; a computer like this is generally in your $1200+ range.

Pics below. Tell me what you think!



9 years ago


About vista,not the laptop,some people do not like vista

Good for you man, How much did it actually cost you?

Woh,what a good price,it was not even a thousand!

I saw that exact same laptop at Best Buy. It has really good features for the price, but it has those annoying flashy-things on the sides. Is it possible to turn them off?

But then I saw this one, It was love at first sight.

  • 6 GB of RAM, expandable to 8 GB
  • 2.4GHz Centrino 2
  • 500 GB HD
  • 17 in screen
  • NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT graphics with 512MB of video memory
  • A subwoofer! (I noticed this in the specifications, I still don't know how they managed)
  • All that with 3 hrs 15 min of battery life!

Too bad it's $1200....


Love at first sight
Geeks tend to be like that

Yep, I keep the lights off. Not fun when you're trying to sleep. Sounds like a pretty nice laptop! My last one was a 17" HP from 2004 and I loved it.

Eww.Vista.Just kidding I got a new laptop too,it is 1.6GHZ and 1GB of ram,i am still waiting for a new CD-ROM drive to install XP

Cool! I'da gotten a mac personally, but hey, thoust can dual boat Ubuntu or something like that. Lights and body are awesome BTW

/yep, I've got Linux mint on an 8GB SDHC card for a quickboot.


it's just not the same though without the sexy aluminium =/

Yay! I brought up the idea of my getting a laptop with my own money to my mom but she got REALLY MAD.

My mom didn't like the idea at first, but once I showed her that I was serious about saving (and got Dad on my side), she gave it a thumbs-up.

Hehe it always helps to have Dad on your side. I think I would have enough money to get a cheaper laptop, but for some reason my mom thinks maybe I'll end up talking to people I don't know. Which I'm doing right now.

Actually I'm not sure why she doesn't want me to get a laptop, but I'm pretty sure she already knows what I do online and that it's not like I do bad things.

*comment raises suspicion*

What do you do online? Hmmmm? I suspect bomb building and cat destroying.

Of course not! Now why would I do that! *closes out of tabs about cat destroying*

It's fairly simple: Your name is sunbanks, and you live in the pacific northwest. Now obviously, cats are not a natural creature to this area, and your sun and your banks are getting jealous. As we all know, cats lay on banks to soak in the sun, getting both your personalities in a tither. So what are you to do? Banking on the fact that you can refract your natural sun rays into a massive bomb, you plan on destroying the cats by taking it by suprise, when they are laying in your lap. By destroying the cats, you, sunbanks, are the supreme ruler of the Pacific Northwest, and therefor can take over the poodles.

You...You did not just discover my evil plan! How did you figure it out?

Not bomb building and cat destroying? Nooo Sunbanks!! I can't believe this, to think, you... I feel betrayed...

I talked my mom into letting me get one eventually. She had similar worries as your mom. Gaining her trust could take a while, but it'll pay off for a LOT of things. Also, yeah, even a "cheap" laptop today is really good. You could spend $350 on a netbook if you don't mind the small size and lack of CD/DVD drive, but even $400 can get you a pretty good computer. I just spent a bunch on mine because I play games and stuff, but most people don't need that.

She trusts me enough to stay at home on the computer while no one's here (usually people are here though, I get bored without people to talk to :P), and it seems like she thinks I would do things on my own laptop that I wouldn't on this computer. I totally wouldn't. I could totally get a laptop right now then if there's some pretty good ones for $400. But no...

Yeah :\ But at least I have my ipod touch that I can go online with when we go places :D

I'm pretty sure you over-paid for your computer. Where did you get it ? Did you get it new or refurbished?

I didn't overpay for this at all (and how did you come to that conclusion, seeing as how I never said how much I paid for it? :P). I got it at Best Buy, new.

I just assumed you paid 1200 dollars for it since you said "a computer like this is generally in your $1200+ range". I got about the same thing from Circuit City (Good night sweet prince.) last year for only $900. But it was on sale, so maybe that counts for the discrepancy.

So how does this impact your choice of schooling in the near future? Or did you decide to mortgage a computer for home schooling?

Aha, you remembered! It's a bit of a story, but here's the short version: I've always been a good kid to my grandfather, and when he heard how much I liked the school I was going to he offered to help offset the tuition to take a load off our shoulders. He also told me he thought I should get a new computer, because mine was "a piece of -" xD

Note to self: Self, start sucking up to more people. It can pay off.

Somebody has to keep an eye out for the misguided youths of today. Good luck.

looks neat; im still saving up for my dell inspiron mini 9. i should have enough in june

?? Why a Mini 9? For the same price you can get a much better Eee PC. Is there anything the Dell has that you can't find in an Eee?

eee isnt as good; its flimsyer, not as good performance wise, about the same cost, no integrated bluetooth to my knowledge and a smaller screen. also, any complaints about wifi turn me way off; thats the main reason i didnt want an acer aspire one.

Nice top lid...

... wow... I have a built in 256mb graphics...2gb ram... 60gb... 1.78 GHz.... but.... I have XP.

Not bad! What kind of processor is it?


9 years ago

Sweet! Info on the wallpaper? :)

Do you recognize it?

It's from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, which is quite lol.

Also, I got it off of the /a/ board on 4chan, so good luck finding it...

Or, you can just click here.

Noo, I was wondering what it was! my current wallpaper is too old. :D -thanks!

If you're into anime, pop culture, and satire, give SZS a go - first season's only 12 episodes, 2nd season is about the same. It's really funny.