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I hate this new setup Answered

This sucks, what was wrong with it before? My favourites are hidden away and everything's been moved around. And oh JOY now I can't unfave the instructable from my "favourites" page.



Hi, this is Nagutron, your friendly neighborhood user interface guy. We're still refining that You page; mind answering a few questions? Whomever else is on this thread can chime in, too.

  • What are the most important things on the You page (why do you go there? to do what?)
  • Do you like having favorites up front because you want to get to them, or because you want other people to see what instructables you've selected as favorites?

To answer your question, we're re-designing the You page to organize all of the types of content on Instructables better for our power users. We want members to be able to see at a glance what they're working on and who they're talking to, and to quickly get to those tasks. At the same time, we want member pages to reflect your accomplishments on Instructables. You should be proud of how it changes over time!

There are a lot of tweaks and bug fixes to come (like being able to unfave instructables -- thanks for that bug report) so keep your eyes peeled. Your best suggestions will be taken into account, too.

Personally, I like to see my comments first.

I have already changed my homepage setting so that Firefox goes directly to my comments page when I start it up, but I would like the option of seeing more than the last ten as it opens.

After that, I like to look at my subscription activity and recent projects.

I'm with Kiteman. I like seeing my comments first.

Could you also please fix the favourites thing? I want to be able to un-fave instructables from my favourites page.

. I like the new layout. I don't use the member view, but it looks OK to me. I'm with LR that the you view should default to Discussions. Having URLs for the different view, per kelseymh's suggestions, would be very nice. . Unlike LR, I don't use Favorites except to show ppl what I like.

And as I followed up to you, your posting is ad hoc. You had to work out what those URLs were yourself. What NM and I are talking about is having those same URLs (and all of the other ones which you haven't yet reverse engineered :-) displayed as they should be in the user's browser.

But wouldn't that defeat the purpose of having it be javascripted; Not having to reload the page for each tab?

No need for a flame war, guys. We have plans to enable both features. I won't get into it, but there are clever ways to add hash "fragment identifiers" to the URL to get the You page to load up specifc tabs and subtabs. It's the same approach we've used in the new editor.

Yeah Nacho, you GEO-RAGED Lithium Rain.

One request would be for the various tabs, and the "subcategories" within each tab, to be treated as normal HTML hyperlinks, and not some secret magical JavaScript thing. With the new interface, it's impossible for us to "bookmark" a particular panel presentation and get back to it directly. Rather we have to navigate through your imposed interface every time. Yes, I already know that Skate6566 has posted four of the dozen or so URLs, so he doesn't need to follow up yet again. Reverse-engineering the necessary query URLs isn't useful for most people.

Please please please please put the discussions tab to load on default like it used to be.

I like having my favorites up front because I like to get to them - I sometimes use favorites like bookmarks, to read interesting looking stuff later when I have time.

And I think you can unfave things, if you go to that instructable's page.

I think one thing that you guys might want to work on is making the You page have a modular layout. That way everyone could have what they want. It may take a long time to make and it may be buggy and it may take a long time to make, but in the end, it would probably be the best. Currently though, I like to see replies to comments, subscription changes, and ibles that I am working on at the first glance.

I like to get to my favourites easily. I liked it the way it was before, the comments first, the favourites second.


9 years ago

i like it all apart from the fave thing, and also you can't see the comments immediatly on you(my mozilla home page)

seconded. I liked the old interface better.

Haha, you two sound older than me!

"seconded. I liked the old interface better." You have no idea how much that sounds like a teen. Well done sir.