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I need a game coding tutorial. Answered

I have tasked myself,though I am still unsure how it came to be, to create a half-decent (hopefully) online game for some friends and i was wondering if you, the community, would tell me some good, free programs and tutorials on how to code, design, and create a computer game. I understand it takes work and practice, but i still need your help.
Thank you.


If your just starting out in programming I would suggest getting hold of some form of BASIC to run on your computer. That way you can play around and find out how programming works. There are several free versions about.

To write ANY programme that is less than trivial you will need to start by planning your game on paper and breaking it into smaller sections to code.

You can and IMO should write each section as a flow chart so you can understand and check the flow of the programme.

I'm a noob and i can tell you blender is good for 3D games using little code.
And theres heaps of youtube tutorials

I don't know of anything specifically for online games. There are lots of books, and some websites, about game programming in general.

If you're predisposed to be a code monkey, go for it, otherwise you'll probably end up shelving it for a long time. Start by modifying an existing game, like Halo CE (Berkin and I were trying to do something with that a while back, he was doing the coding and I was working on maps since I'm no good at code). If you want to design something from the ground up, research game engines and/or physics engines as those will be the base that everything is built upon.

I don't know of any good tutorials at the moment since I got caught up with a related side project that hasn't come to fruition yet.