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Ideas from the center of the universe #1: LED throwie machine gun Answered

NOTE: This is so old, that I don't care anymore. If you do, be my guest to change the rules.

Ideas from the center of the universe: Any challenging idea that comes into my weird, weird cranium. (I am not purposely saying that I am at the center of the universe; the title is based off of another crazy idea that I once had.)

Okay, I just thought of the perfect challenge: a gun that will launch/fling LED throwies at high intervals, at least 5 per second to make it easy. The throwies can be of any size, as can the launcher. Distance limit is 50 feet horizontal.

I might think of a prize later on, but I currently do not have any sponsors.

Any discussion whatsoever will happen in the comments on this topic. Links to instructables are required if you have found a solution.

Well, get started!


I've been dappling in experimental air powered weaponry for some time, but there's really no way to make anything that has such a high rate of fire pneumatically powered.

It would need to be spring powered that flung the throwies some distance.

I've developed LED shooties that are fired out of your standard airgun. They adhere magnetically like throwies but can be shot significantly farther.

This idea is a little farfetched, and would probably not work. Sorry, but it's just not that easy =/

could you make an instructables for that? i want to try it out!

I'm writing one now, titled "experimental air powered weaponry" It's cool stuff.

I suppose I could mention it. I put many hours of research into developing some of my ideas. This Instructible has been in the making for a while, and I take pride in writing my 'Ibles well.


9 years ago

do you want that portable or cannon-like? you could just get an air compressor, a PVC pipe, and you can make a top loading cartage. then you make a shell around each throwie the circumference of the pipe. when you turn on the compressor and load the throwies in, they'll fly out like a machine gun.