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If I upgrade to Pro, will the rollover ads stop? Answered

The rollover ads are making me crazy. I can't do anything on the pages without having to close the same rollover window 10 times, 20 if there are two rollover ads on the page. Yes, I am a bit uncoordinated.
I saw in Eric's post (the one that started the flame war) that one of the ad windows goes away for Pros, but unfortunately it's not one of the windows that keeps littering my screen with expandavideos.
It would be worth the cost of the Pro membership if the rollovers were just disabled. Not even gone, just prevented from activating. I don't want to cripple Java in my browser, and I don't want to hose Instructables out of ad revenue by installing a blocker, but I also don't want to pay for the upgrade and still have to dodge the stinkin' rollovers. What's the sitch, pros?


Yep, the only ads I see right now are Electroforming an Iris Seed Pod and the Laser Synth-Guitar.

 I mainly get adds for stuff around the site, like contests and Instructables. Right now it's Tatted Mask and How to Make Playdough. 

That, I can live with. I really like the Tatted Mask, and who doesn't like Playdough? It's the goober from Microsoft in his giant video window talking to me about how I need to expand my business that makes me want to put my head through the screen.

Cool. I'll upgrade sometime in the next few days. Yay! Greatly reduced annoying ads!

Yes the ads are considerably reduced and easy to ignore.


I'm not pro and I don't get any ads that are too annoying. I wonder what the difference is?

Since I don't experience them, I assume the answer is "yes".