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In theory, can you hook a turbocharger to the end of another turbo to make the 2nd turbocharger spin at a faster rate? Answered

I need to know if you can hook a turbo to the output of another turbo so produce a faster rate and air flow, not for car so dont worry im not going to blow up my engine.
Also wondering a couple other things car parts related while I am at it, how much force does it take to spin an alternator when its "on". i know that when the car is not on it free spins but once it is and does not have belt hooked to it it is hard if not impossible to turn by hand. thanks for the help.


Turbochargers already spin at ~120-180,000 RPM, and they are designed for their spin speeds. Spinning one faster (which isn't really possible) may well burst it.

The alternator takes as much torque as it needs to drive the load attached. How much does an 80A 12V alternator on full load, spinning at 3200 RPM need ? Power = torque x speed torque=Power/speed Power = 80 x 12 W or ~1000W

60/1000/ (3200 x 2 x pi)



imagine a super uber slow motion video of a turbo self destruction due to over spinning. hmm kinda neat to think about.

.   You can hook two turbos in series, but as steveastrouk points out, spinning a turbo faster than its' design speed can be very dangerous.