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Inspiration: Lego lepdesk with storage Answered

I was digging in my closet and found one of these.

Basically it is a lightweight sort of flimsy plastic lap desk with two bins on either side and a track setup on top that fits Lego Plates. The plates slide into the middle to build, and slide shut over the bins for transportation. It can be carried like a suitcase. The user's legs sit in between the two bins and that hold the desk steady for building. This is definitely sized for a little kid, not a 6 foot four guy like myself. Lego made these back in the late 90's, no idea if they still do. You can find them online for exorbitant sums of money, $30-$60 US.

A great design, and I am inspired to make some kind of work table. Seeing that these things are apparently collectible, I am going to sell this, then build a larger more durable adult version for all kinds of work with the money from selling this one. Sharing this here because I find this to be a nice and simple design that everyone can learn from. Any ideas? Lets hear them!

I am envisioning some kind of clone of this made of medium-weight plywood or other material, with the leg space in between the bins used to hold another storage box that can be easily popped out. I really don't have the tools to do this project very cleanly, but hopefully soon I will make an initial model. For those lucky people out there with CNC machines, this is your chance to cut out something awesome. Take the idea and run with it.



6 years ago

I see a nice little electronic breadboard holder, and you can then keep parts you often need (like those leads that always end up all over the place and get lost when im doing breadboarding (not unlike what happened to lego when i was a kid)) if you do not need the legspace, a power-supply could be put there - or as you mention, a drawer

That would be an awesome use. I have yet to learn electronics (don't worry, College soon, so I will.)

I like to think that the whole thing could be carried about like a blocky suitcase.

In my design, the leg space actually isn't a drawer, it is basically a place for a tool box to fit in, to store more stuff.

When I make mine and put up a how-to, let's see your version!

I was born the year in my nickname, and I barely know any electronics either - so no worries :) (Back when I did go to school, electronics were not of any interrest to me)

Im also in the unfortunate situation of being between homes so all my stuff is in boxes - othrwise I might actually have taken you up on that challenge

I do like the idea of making it into a carryable suitcase, either by making a flat lid for it, or perhaps by making a 2nd identical half for the lid (I suppose this would depend on what the purpose of the box will be)

I will base my design pretty much on a larger and boxier simple version of the Lego desk. I was thinking of keeping the sliding work area idea, but using a piece of acrylic or something. Either that or have two doors that open up like a cabinet... that might not be too hard to do. See, a design in progress! I want to keep it simple and generally cheap and unbreakable.

Simple, Cheap and Unbreakable - pick any 2 (to paraphase an oldish saying)

If you make a sliding workarea you should at consider making it lockable in both the open and closed position, nothing is worse than a wobbly/moving workarea.

Yeah, definitely. I might put up a few design sketches in a few days, if time allows.