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Instructables + Autodesk, the beginning! Answered

Yesterday was my first day as an "artist in residence" here at Instructables - which also happens to be the first day that we all became employees of Autodesk! Good timing on my part, I think. :)

Last night we got to visit the Autodesk offices here in San Francisco to become official employees and get a tour of their gallery. They also fed us lots of fancy tiny foods (if Autodesk ever offers to feed you, I recommend the spring rolls, samosas, and brownies. nom.) and gave us drinks. Oh, and water bottles and books. We have been courted!

And I have to say that everyone I met on the Autodesk staff was so nice and so excited about bringing Instructables on - they all had so many questions about how the site worked and how it was run. They were very curious about every little thing, and wanted to hear our suggestions as well. Many people had already looked at the site and talked to me about specific projects they liked or asked me about what projects I had worked on.

They also told us tons about projects they were working on - all the stuff they thought we could work into the site in the future to help our users. It sounds like there a lot of possibilities out there for us right now. :D

I am feeling very optimistic after meeting the Autodesk folks... they showed so much enthusiasm for the site the general gist of all of my conversations with them is that we're only going to improve on what we've got here. I'm excited to see where this will go!

I can say that nothing has really changed as far as the interns and crazy projects from when I was here a few years ago - just yesterday SHIFT!, penfoldplant, and I were on the roof finishing up penfoldplant's latest ible, which should be quite exciting. (Let's just say it involves giant plastic bags, duct tape, safety goggles, and shooting each other in the face.) And today the office is busy as usual... people are working on projects, Eric and Christy are doing the live chat, contests are being worked on, moderation is happening, bugs are being fixed, the internets are being scoured for new content, etc.

So, you know, business as usual. Hopefully made more awesome in the near future. :D

P.S. Random photos from the gallery below... I didn't take as many as I liked because I was eating and drinking and talking!


So who's managing the book store while you are out having fun?

Well, there's five other managers... and I think they'll manage without me. (Ha!) Just with less dancing and organization. :)

Thankfully the company is very nice about leaves of absence!

How long are you out there? See if you can wo-man the NYC Maker Faire booth next month.

Only til the beginning of September, sadly! Maker Faire would be awesome - I've yet to go to one.

Oh bother, can't you stick around until the 18th or so? :-)

Nope, have to go home to the family... and the books. :P

Oh well, would have been nice to meet yet another Ibler.....I am hoping to be able to stay over this time around so I can get in enough time to actually SEE everything and not have to rush so much.

Well THIS is great to hear ! (maybe I will be able to keep up with you all once my computer is back to being FMC !

Seems like you've got yourself one of the best jobs in the world. Have fun!

Congratulations! "Artist in Residence" is almost as awesome a title as "Experimental Physicist" (cough :-).

Although it IS hard to beat the title: Experiemntal Plasma Physicist :-)

I just realized that my comment to caitlinsdad copied and pasted here, instead of what I thought I wrote this morning. ;)

So, thank you! And I agree, it is a nice title. :D

The dinosaur is awesome! Thats a lot of lego!


6 years ago

Instructables with our exceptionally amazing building community collaborating with one of the world's most renowned CAD designers. I haven't seen a more perfect collaboration since Disney bought PIXAR.

"You got Instructables on my Autodesk!"

Not a bad way to start the week then.