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Instructables messed on Mobile (Desktop Version of site) Answered

Since two~ three weeks the browsing of Instructables on my Mobile (Samsung note) has gone poor. There is a new site layout and seems the culprit here. Older version used to work just fine. The site is now very slow and choppy, also the pictures don't load well or load off screen. Kindly and urgently Fix this. I am using the desktop version of site
Samsung Note
Opera Mobile



5 years ago

I have also noticed that on the mobile version of site, If i click some instructable, it goes back to desktop version of site and all the problems crop up.

Also a "menu bar" of some sorts,with download PDF option keeps floating around the screen. Very irritating!


5 years ago

I've moved this to bugs so that the developers see it. They'd probably also appreciate screenshots if you can provide them.


Reply 5 years ago

I'm assuming he's having the same issues I have had with the update - the "you" menu will close itself when you click on a link, the shorter one that you get from landing on techshop (happens when trying to hit the menu links) works fine though.

Comment boxes are pretty jumpy as is page loading/moving around pages.

that's on both Opera mobile and Android's Stock browser.

On a note I looked at the code for the menus and the styling and couldn't see any immediate cause for it not playing nice. Granted I didn't hoke about much and could well have missed something, since I'm not really up on things that upset mobile browsers - unless there's a onclick function attached to clicking the link/closing the drop down that the phone is misinterpreting...

Doubt hover effects are the problem, since they do nothing unless the element stays selected page to page, where it'll just display like it's hovered on (that's specific to my experience with android browser, may not be common)