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Iphone, extension cable? Answered

I´m trying to use a usb extension cable to charge my iphone 3Gs. But it´s not working, I get an error.?
I use a usb extension cable to connect to the charger and the iphone cable on the female port.

Do I have to buy this kind of cable?

Does any Iphone 3Gs user have this problem?
EDIT: If I use a shilded usb-extender it works, but why not the other...naked one?




8 years ago

The newest Apple products will not recognize any cable not licensed by them.
If it doesn't have the Apple chip in it, it won't work.
You can get Apple compatible cables from dealextreme.com for less than $5 U.S.

Yes, but when I pull out the male connector from the Iphone cord to the extender just a tiny bit then it works, but I have to focus on getting it right and it that takes time.
Any tricks how to fix it?
I have a shielded one like the one on picture 3, it works great to but its to short for my purpose.

Stop by your local Radioshack and buy a roll of shielded phone cable. just solder the length you want in between the connectors on the USB extension cable.