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Is it good idea to replace laptop's fan by fan of cooler pad ? Answered

There are nasty fan inside of my laptop. The fan is loud and sound is nasty and works always (its such model of laptop), so I want to remove bottom of the laptop's corpus and may be top of the cooling pad and use the pad instead of internal cooler (which I will plug out). I have AMD.
I think that it's may work because: fan inside laptop blows at radiator (which is on another end of copper pipe), not right at place where processors located. And I want big fan that will blow right at those part of cooling system where processors located. I'm not gonna remove copper pipe, just plug out default fan and use pad's instead so that it will blow at cooling system from the bottom.
I'm gonna use pad with 220-250 mm fan.
What do you think ?


Running a CPU without its heatsink will instantly fry your motherboard or make your computer to turn off within seconds.

No matter how powerful you fan is, The thermal mass of the CPU casing is way too small to dissipate all the heat that it's generating.

No, I didn't say that I intended to remove laptop's cooling system, just gonna plug out default fan, and use cooler pad's instead. I've updated post.

Ah, I see what you mean.

The built in blower blows air at the cooling pipe fins which makes a good heat transfer. blowing air on only the pipe will not transfer enough heat as there's no fins to dissipate the heat.

Let's say as an example that you replace an heatsink in a computer by a cube of aluminum of the same size and blow air on it using the same fan. The cube of aluminum will take a while to reach the temp where it overheats as it has a huge thermal mass; but since it's a cube the air can only blow on one surface so the fan won't be able to transfer enough heat as it has a very bad heat transfer rate compared to the heatsink which air can actually go through the fins and transfer way more heat even though it has a way smaller thermal mass.

Ok, what if I will entirely remove hardware form corpus, and the big fan will blow at pipe fins ?


I don't see why that wouldn't work but if the hot air is pushed into the laptop, it might lead to some issues.

Also, are you sure your laptop was noisy even when it was brand new? You might want to apply new thermal paste to the CPU and GPU. Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste will help a lot. Might be the blower bearing that has worn off too.

It's new. Don't thinks that there are malfunctions, I've read somewhere about my model (or similar), people told the same about cooling system.

Yes,it should be like this:


I'm not sure about the idea of using a fan but the best thing is to try it and see I guess.

Also make sure to use a temperature monitor software to check if everything's running at a safe temperature.

Look up heat pipes and you know why Electrosprk is spot on here ;)

Could you try putting a strong vacuum cleaner near the output of the fan? This might help