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Is there any activities for cub scouts Just like something to waste 30-60 minutes of time. Answered

I need something to keep the cubs entertained... It'll be in a room, possibly outside, but not alot of space outside, just a parking lot. And not too expensive... we have 10 cubs.


Above all do not waste 30-60 minutes, no matter what
Have someone lead silly songs, or have a den designated to put on a skit. Or have the parents do a skit, once you get them started, they enjoy it to. Have an adult or older sibling read a story. Have a time when you give them the first line to a story, then the next scout adds another line, then on around until all scouts have added a line. This is best siting on the floor in a circle! Parent will not bring the scouts back if it is indeed, wasted time! DO YOUR BEST! That is all we ask of the scouts!


9 years ago

I am also a den leader. One of my favorite activities is to gather miscellaneous junk objects (the same things for each scout) and put them in a paper bag (one set of objects for each boy). Tell the boys this is a "genius kit" and let them use their imagination to make something out of the junk in the bag. The get one point for each item they use, plus you can tell them they will receive points for uniqueness, functionality, etc. The boys seem to love this! I also supply tape/glue for them to use to put their creation together. Ask around for stuff to go inside the bags...popsicle sticks, cotton balls, feathers, screws, etc. Have fun!

I was a cub scout for many many years, at least until i was too old, and then i became a boy scout and i was in a very simalar situation, i had to keep the cubs entertained. You could try a number of things. 1Crafts. Leaf Rubbings. Paper airplanes. anything that has a lesson to be learned from it that will keep them entertained. 2Physical Activity. Try dodgeball or a game simalar to it. don't play sports the boys may play at school or at a recreational league. search the internet for a game that is a favorite in my home pack, steal the bacon. One time i belive we also went out side with chalk and drew different Zones in the parking lot. kind of like an obstacle course. ie in one section you hop, crawl, run, walk backwards. etc. 3group games. Even duck duck goose is a favorite among young kids. Try the electricity game or the telephone game. play swish floop doink. to play swish floop doink, everyone sits in a circle. one person pretends to have a ball. if they pass the ball to the person on their right, they say swish. left, they say floop, and if they throw the "ball" across the circle to anyone but who is next to them, they say doink. if you say the wrong word when doing an action, you are out until the next round. another variation is to give everyone an animal. if i was a pig and you are a cow, i say moo, then throw the "ball" to you. if you want to pass it back, you say oink. If you say the wrong sound, you are out. Origami? Good luck to you!

Make kites out of recycled materials i.e. trash bags or old grocery bags. For frames, try coat hangers or wooden dowels (something sturdy, but not too heavy). String is pretty self-explanatory and to hold it all together, duct tape should be cheap and hefty enough.

I'm too lazy...

I hope that was just a sarcastic reply. If not, you set a poor example of what scouting represents. I would think they should throw a blanket party in your honor.

first aid? how to hike? how to bbq? how to eat bbq that you just made? : ) paper airplane challenge? a couple rounds of volley ball?