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Is there any awesome way to clean car windows? Answered

Okay heres the predicament I am now in charge of cleaning my families vehicles (a prius and a ford F250 super duty turbo charged lariat diesel) but when ever i try to clean the windows i always get spots and streaks and it is reducing my pay and tolerance i am gently rubbing in a circular motions and using microfiber and/ or paper towels and i am using window cleaner.
any ideas are better than none thanks! 



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take a tip from the pros... auto detailer pros that is... use newspaper!  Its really that simple, windex, newspaper and elbow grease... a word of caution.. most window cleaners will destroy tint film so a gallon of distilled water with a couple drops of dish soap and...newspaper applied gently

If you're still cleanin' them windows, or if anyone else could use this info...I ran into the same problem when working at Chili's Bar & Grill. The shortest person I've ever known told me to use the giant coffee filters. I asked "why?". She replied "How often do you make coffee and find little pieces of fuzz in your coffee? NEVER!!". So...ever since, I've been squeaking windows with coffee filters. That is until I discovered the miracle of "The Squeegee"

OK!!! You have a great question. Everyone has some formula or special way of cleaning the window of a car or home. They usually have one thing in common, Ammonia. What most people do not realize is most cleaners will still leave some residue on the class from the cleaner. Soap is a natural attracter for dirt. Resulting dust collecting to the streaky soap left behind. You may want to try using STEEL WOOL This will not scratch the glass, but you do not want to use this if you have any kind of window tint on your window. Steel Wool will buff out all left over residue from the cleaners and get rid of the streaks. For more information on glass and window stuff check out our website at: www.SQWINDOWS.COM

thanks so much i was starting to ge tired of streaks

Automotive glass cleaner & news paper.

I need to change the proportions of the water-vinegar mix I wrote about earlier -- I use more like 2 cups of vinegar to a gallon of water.  Warm water works best.

If you are using tap water, or a not-completely-cleaned bucket, then you're bound to get spots.  If you really want to go hardcore, you need a supply of distilled water, and you need to use it directly from its original shipping container, not from your local bucket.  Otherwise, you're going to need to use some elbow grease as outlined in other responses.

Softened water might also be enough to prevent spots.

If you have a dehumidifier, the water it produces is distilled.  During the humid summer a dehumidifier will produce gallons of it each week.

After you clean and rinse all the cleaner away with water, rinse with isopropyl alcohol.  That's what we use in the lab to prevent water residue. 

.  FWIW, most alcohols will cause dashboards, window seals, and such, to become brittle - be careful.

Good point.  I was focussing on the glass, not on the adjacent material -- I'm a physicist, not an engineer :-)

 thank you BTW are you a scientist

.  Click on his name and you will find out.

I never tried this on glass but I always used Windex glass cleaner, then when it was dry went back over it with a dry towel to buff off streaks from chrome. As any liquid drys it leaves solids (like dust) that were dissolved in it  behind but once it's dry it should come off easy.

Mix half-and-half water and vinegar in a bucket.  Crumple up a sheet of newspaper and get it soggy with the mixture, and scrub the glass with it.  Dry and polish with clean dry newspaper.  You will be impressed.

Check out youtube sorboproducts channel. I don't know if it will help you, but he can clean the hell out of a window.