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Just Because I'm Bored Answered

Are you bored? I am. So, because I'm so bored, I am staring out the window, pondering life's questions. Here's the view from my window, so we can all stare together.


All of these great pictures of places around people's homes are making me sad... I live in the middle of Illinois. Flat. No bodies of water. Nothing. It sucks.

This is my veiw sometimes

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my view is my neighbor's house :( I can't wait until I build my house this summer (sunlit hills, Santa Fe, New Mexico) It should have a pretty good view (i think you can see all the way to the sandia mtns 50 miles away)

I used to see deer all the time. I wonder where they went.

I'm bored too, don't have any LEDs, can't play RuneScape might as well...


runescape lmao dork... they made that game suck cuz they took out scamming and pking dragon killers.

LOL to bad for you.. More dragons for me!

So? In my opinion it forces you to play the game it was meant to be played, by "skilling", not this "pure" crap.

says who im a pure? besides, what nerd calls himself a rocket scientist?

I never said your a pure, just I dislike pures. LOL, I'm a nerd who calls himself RocketScientist2015, on RuneScape I'm Leauweag.

i played that game for about half an hour back in its classic days, before i realized i'm not gonna get anywhere playing on dialup. so i quit i have no intentions on going back to finish the tutorial.

My friend has dialup, as long as you play on low detail, you should be fine. *Hint* to reduce lag, right click on the advertisements and set to low detail.

Rocket want be a chicken bwack bwack bwaa bwaa bwaa!!!!

Everybody do the hockey pockey!!!!!!!!!!!!! you put ure hand in..

no, rocketman, no... society refuses to accept your talent as a dancing rocket scientist, i'm sorry. ;]

Santa Fe is overhyped, my view sucks!


10 years ago

I'd rather be on the outside looking in.

.... isnt that a country song?

They don't let me have windows, or sharp objects.

Dude is that seriously the view from your window? Because if so then awesome view! All I have is a brick wall!

Wow, were are you? I see the neighborers through my window, + the moon

Ha, I bet if someone here is really good analyzing they could find my house using that map and the picture.

Hehe no one can find my hous using the map... That's an awesome picture.I can see Mt. Rainer on clear days if I go down near the store we have here even though it's roughly 80 miles away. I have a friend that lives around there. I haven't seen him in years though. Last time I saw him I told him my dog was half coyote... If I go down by the store I can also see the the Olympic mountians.

Here in Gig Harbor you can see Mt. Rainer from practically anywhere.

Your view is better then mine
o o


I rode bikes to the beach and took these pictures today.