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K'NEX Gun: Arachnid (Review) Answered


The last picture has a preloadable mag, does it fit regularly in the gun or are some modifications required?

Well, if you look specifically at pics #16 - #23 you'll find my Arachnid EBR (Enhanced Battle Rifle). This was a modded, enhanced, Arachnid, that had a different stock, magazine, and barrel setup.

So, in other, more simple, words, yes, the gun requires modding to enhance it. You need to remove some of the conneters above the magazine in order to implement that new pre-loadable magazin.

Looks great! I may need to build one...

Thanks for the great review! I know myself that this wasn't the best, but I thought sharing it would be nice to try to send in new ideas for the community. I probably could have put more work into, but at that time I had ideas just flying around in my head that I just wanted to move onto the next project. Anyways, thanks again, and you've inspired me to make a more K'nex Gun War worthy gun!

You are totally welcome! The gun was great and I really enjoyed it! Can't wait to see what you come up with next. Keep your eye out for my latest videos, the ARX-160 and the MSMC!

One thing, your voice was extremely quiet in the video.