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Laser cutting. Answered

Hello (excuse my English really bad I'm Belgian and French)
I would like to cut aluminum sheet of + - 5 mm thick and also cut paper without "burning the edges"
I would like to know what kind of "laser head" the cheapest possible exists and what would be even better, whether this kind of "laser head" is recovering ... I was thinking of a DVD laser burner but, even though I I'm as good at DIY as an elephant is good at skydiving, I guess a DVD burner will not cut aluminum ...
A big thank-you



7 months ago

Thank you to all for preciuous information .... Happy 2018

Cutting metal, especially aluminium requires BIG lasers. The "poorman's" laser is a plasma cutter which is probably 100 X cheaper than a laser for metal cutting

Sorry but I feel the need to correct you ;)
With cheap access to abrasive media a homemade waterjet cutter is the best option for these thicknesses.
Especially if no require laser like accuracy.
Sold my petrol powered one years ago otherwise I would do a quick video.
3000+ PSI pressure washer, tungsten carbide nozzle in a standard waterjet head.
All up, including some different orifices for under 400 bucks.
Depending on what you cut you can recycle the media a few times after drying and cleaning.....

Maybe. The plasma will be more accurate than a DIY waterjet I suspect. Prove me wrong ;-)

I'm quite interested in the idea, for a super cutting machine I have in mind.

This guy has some more videos and one with a nice petrol powered version too.
Bit bigger than what I had back in the day but shows what I mean:

The Wazer waterjet is like $6000... But it would be cheaper for you to take ypour aluminum sheet to a pro...

Under 100W CO2 I don't see a chance to work with aluminium.
And in your thicness only industrial solution will make sense.
For paper anything will do....