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Lawn mower starts but dies right away did some carb work on it help? Answered

this lawn mower is a American yard Power Pro 5 hp Quantum the mower starts fine but dies right away I did have the carb off and it looked fine I checked all the holes in it and they seemed open and fine,            I put it back together and still it does the same thing,  Help please this is my first time getting in to it to this degree. I am a electricain soI'm  not completely  unknolageable
thank you


OK, I found and fixed my lawn mower. It's the carburetor. The solenoid that opens to let gas into the carburetor is the problem. The little rubber "seat" came off the solenoid plunger and gets stuck at the gas intake of the carburetor. This allowed a little gas in to the carb but when I throttl up doesn't allow enough gas into carb.
Simple fix. I cleaned surfaces an crazy clued the rubber tip to the end of the plunger of the carburetor.

Well, the same thing happened to me, with my little Craftsman no-prime mower. I came inside to see what I could find out here on the Interweb, and decided to try a little indirect forceful carb cleaning: I banged it back and forth several times, from front wheels to back ones, whamming it farily smartly on the driveway in the process. Next pull, it started right up. Either I knocked loose whatever was gumming up the works, or I showed it who's boss.

I'm guessing you prime it, then it starts and dies because the gas that got primed into the carb throat runs out. So the carb is unable to supply more fuel through the main jet / emulsion tube OR you have poor fuel quality. Was the mower running poor before? when was the last time it ran? At work I like to use a heavy duty degreaser mixed with about 20 parts water. I found it works a lot better than carb clean at eatting old gummy fuel. Take carb apart, clean whatever out you can, soak it in the cleaner, clean it again, poke all the holes with a wire, blow out with compressed air, reassemble. Drain gas tank and fuel lines, flush with fresh gas, put everything back together and start it up like normal. Make sure you have good spark and compression. I don't know you exact engine, but I know some of those brigg's and stratton engines have the carb mounted directly on top of the gas tank. There is a gasket inbetween that can be replaced and could help the situation. Msg me if you need more idea's / help.

It Starts and runs as long as I keep pushing the primer, which is air, it would run and eventually keep running. Two weeks later, that pumping trick did not work, so as you suggested I changed the fuel, solved the problem. Simple and easy thanks

Ring or email the mover wreckers for support and cheap parts. They do postal orders too.

Get a can of carburetor cleaner from the local auto parts store. Take the carbeurator off (again) and spray every orifice with the cleaner. Changing the gasoline is a must if the gas is old, as the Prfesser said... When you start it, squirt a TINY amount of cleaner in the carb. If it starts and dies, try keeping it running with the occasional squirt. If that works, you know you're not getting fuel. Check fuel line, filter and tank. Sometimes mower tanks get crud in them that clogs the fuel pickup. Hope this helps...

You might have a hole in the fuel line. This sounds like you are getting what's left in the fuel line but a crack or hole allows air to dump in which essentially shuts off the fuel supply, shutting down the motor. Sometimes you have to pull the entire fuel line to find it.

Fuel, air, and spark: it has to be getting all three to run. My weedeater was doing something similar to your mower. I dumped the entire contents of the gas tank and filled it with fresh gasoline, which fixed the situation. Apparently there was some water in the fuel, or maybe the volatile part of the fuel (that makes the gasoline burn so well) had mostly evaporated.

Anyway... it only costs you one tank of gas to try. Good luck!