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Lidocaine!!! you get high and fall asleep for surgery! Answered

i recently had surgery for mole removal, and i'm under 16, so they had to put me out.
first they injected me with lidocaine, and i got all high then fell asleep, then they put on the gas to keep me asleep.
it's crazy!!!!!!!!!

what about your surgeries?


I remember what it was like under laughing gas For some reason I was yoshi and mario kept chasing me that way he can get a ride to go rescue princess peach oh, and they had to get 3 nurses to hold my mouth open since I was soooo loopy no joke

wow, you must have been totally drunk... I was just lolling around, and i remember laughing..

I was too at first then I made a grunt noise and I thought that sounded like yoshi POOF! gone

wow... what was it like, losing it? sounds... interesting.... i guess...

it was basic i guess? just there was mario like wallpaper and mario was like yoshi, come here we gots to rescue the princess


9 years ago

I've had surgery before and they decided that they wanted to give me laughing gas before they put the needle in my arm for the IV sedation. It was supposed to calm me down or something. It sort of back fired a little bit. I was so messed up from the gas that once the needle was half way into my arm, I decided I wanted it out. It was like a bad trip. I yanked of the mask and pulled the needle out of my arm. I was half way standing up when the nurses held me down. I'm not a fan of the laughing gas. I was not laughing!

ouches, sorry to hear... for me it was the opposite, they gave me the needle first, to calm me down, and get me ready for the gas.

*trap, not trip.

I've had laughing gas given me for tooth removal. Two or three times, a total of at least 8 teeth IIRC, maybe more. It made me reallly loopy. Your arms just feel like they're floating, you laugh until you cry and you feel so good. And I don't remember much about the extractions, just how high the gas made me.

ha ha, yeah, my head just lolled around, and i remember laughing, and the doctor saying that's what alcohol can do to you and then....... i wake up... i get a coke... i go home...

Yeah, it was pretty much like that for me.

I seem to have a very low tolerance for that type of substance; even Nyquil gives me a sort of hangover about 12 hours after taking it-fainting, dizziness, nausea, etc. The whole nine yards. =\

ha ha What about caffeine? i can have 8 cans of coke and get to sleep in 5 minutes...

Yep, I'm the same way, caffeine and sugar have absolutely no effect on me whatsoever! :D

Yeah, and my mom is sensitive to alcohol too... One bottle of beer, and she's nearly hysterical...

Lidocaine is used to numb the area (i.e it's a local anesthetic). I'm thinking they gave you something else, too!

yeah, but in a liquid, it can be injected into the bloodstream, through the iv tube. when you're asleep, they gas you.

Doctors usually give someone laughing gas to put them out, some use a liquid injected into your IV, which is what you said happened, but they wouldn't put you on gas whilst your out..

yeah, well the lidocaine was all at once, the gas was constant. the lidocaine does the opposite of jumpstarting me, and the gas keeps me out.

Nope. Read the Wikipedia article that the picture came from: Anesthesia Lidocaine alters depolarization in neurons, by blocking the fast voltage gated sodium (Na+) channels in the cell membrane[2]. With sufficient blockade, the membrane of the presynaptic neuron will not depolarize and so fail to transmit an action potential, leading to its anesthetic effects. Careful titration allows for a high degree of selectivity in the blockage of sensory neurons, whereas higher concentrations will also affect other modalities of neuron signaling. The Lidocaine was probably given to counter the pain of the mole removal, it doesn't knock you out. The laughing gas did that.

Hi, Mr.wikipedia! you are forgetting that you aren't an anesthesiologist, and that he told me simple directions: inject the lidocaine yourself, it'll hurt less. you'll start to feel it right away. it will put you out, then we'll give you gas to keep you comfortable. you're forgetting that there may have been additives in the lidocaine. you're forgetting there may have been something in the iv that combines with the lidocaine for this effect. you're forgetting that you can't figure out all the effect of drugs from the Internet, because: 1)not all the Internet is true 2)wikipedia is has a "layman's terms" policy, so it will be simple, and undetailed.

Hello there! 1) It's spelt anesthetist. 2) It's a local anesthetic, it can't put you out 3) If there were additives, then fine, but my point still stands that Lidocaine did not knock you out 4) It is highly improbable that something in the IV would combine with Lidocaine for this effect, unless it is an aforementioned additive 5) I know not all the internet is true, but if you care to check the history on Wikipedia and also cross-reference that with other websites than I'm sure you'll come to a conclusion that is more reliable than the memory of a 12 year old who has recently been under the effect of anesthetics 6) If the "laymans policy" were true, then you would have understood what is on said Wikipedia page enough to understand that Lidocaine cannot knock you out.

well, I haven't forgotten anything, thanks to whatever put me out... and it DEFINETLY wasn't the gas.
anesthetist, anesthesiologist, I'm quite sure that is a gender difference.(i.e.-phyciatrist, phycologist), my male anesthesiologist called himself that.

i understood the article, though i'm not sure you did, if you were willing to type that much for a simple concept.
-the lidocaine stops the nerves from emitting signals, thus making you numb. it can be used to only work localy, in one area.
it never said it couldn't be used on the head, or put someone out.

do you mean Psychologist? this is a phycologist. And This is the difernrence between a Psychologist and psychiatrist, not gender. plus a Psychologist can proscribe medication.

oh, yeah, thanks, get's a little confusing sometimes...

I'll tell you what, if you're happy to put your fingers in your ears and shout until you drown everyone else out, thats finr my me. I and everyone else here know who is right, but for some reason you can't see that. I'm done trying to teach the unteachable.

you don't have to be so rude, so i'll just compromize.
there was probably something inside the lidocaine.

maybe the lidocaine was in the iv, and i injected something else, i could have gotten mixed up.

if you know so much about anestiesia, then fine, i'm wrong, but i thought you were just looking stuff up on the net.

let's just forget about this... i HATE arguing, so are we cool?

As I said, I'm done here. You didn't have to be so rude either, but if neither of us wants to continue, then lets call this the end.

Sometimes it just ain't worth it..........note I gave up right away........

well, i wasn't specifically saying you were wrong... there was probably something else in the lidocaine.

Open heart surgery at the age of two. Surgery on both big toes at the age of 12-ish (can't remember) Knee surgery at the age of 14 after slicing it open unloading fireworks from a truck. I've been two years surgery-free though.

wow, that's pretty intense!
i see what where you're coming from about explosives now... =P

-good luck with whatever comes your way

Haha, it was a freak thing really. I didn't even notice the gouge in my leg until someone pointed it out. "Are you bleeding?"

Speaking of explosives, you'd like this. Hot off the press.

My little sister had open heart surgery in the first couple of weeks of her life...she was born blue, as the valve to her heart from the lungs, was closed and would not open. It was touch and go for a few days for sure.

I have NO idea what they gave me when they operated on my thumb....but they called it a twilight drug.

I was mostly conscious but hardly "awake", I was aware of them walking around me (doctor, nurses, etc), and music playing in the background. Then a nurse looked over top of me (from the top of my head, in an upside down fashion) and I half expected her to say: Oh, but we KNOW you are awake !

Very weird feeling that I had somehow become part of the REAL Kingdom Hospital LOL

lol, i get what you mean. i had a full on anesthetic, because i'm under the age where they let you stay awake for it. (they don't want me to move at all)

when my four wisdom teeth were cut out....I was fully under.

Later in life, sometimes late teens, many times in the early to midtwenties, 4 teeth come in, in the back of the jaw behind the teeth you already have. Many times they become impacted, come in very crooked, or become infected or there are other problems with them and they need to be pulled or cut out. Mine came in straight but became impacted just before breaking to the surface. :-(
Something to look forward to LOL
More on Wisdom Teeth

I've just done a little googling, and I think that there is no particular "twilight drug" as such. Instead, it seems to be a level of anaesthesia, deep enough to relieve anxiety and relax muscles, shallow enough that intubation is not necessary and post-anaesthetic side effects (nausia etc) are greatly reduced. It appears to be a continuous, active process on the part of the medical team - they can't just knock you out then get stuff done before you wake up, but have to keep tweaking the dose depending on you are reacting at any given moment.

Yes, I stand corrected, as I now remember them telling me it was the amount of the drug that was administered that had me in that state, not the particular type of drug...

I had entanox (sp? aka "gas and air") when my appendix made itself known. That was fun; a few deep breaths and I went from floor-crawling agony to inviting the ambulance crew to a party. I was still on the gas when they gave me the proper anaesthetic for the operation, so I don't remember what they gave me. They told me afterwards, though, that my appendix was so large they brought the students into the theatre to see. They also showed them the unusual bruising and swelling that I got because the surgeon nicked an artery. When I had a scan for a suspected brain tumour, they gave me IV valium to relax me while they threaded a catheter through my arteries, groin to brain. I found myself singing gently to my reflection in the scanner-head. The tumour turned out to be a thumb-print on an earlier X-ray.

The tumour turned out to be a thumb-print on an earlier X-ray.

Suddenly I know why healthcare is so expensive on my side of the pond LOL

lidocaine is a local anesthetic. if you push that into someones iV you will probably kill them. (i know some medics who work with lidocaine and thats what they said) anyways. i recently had my wisdom teeth removed and the doctor wasnt good at giving IVs so he had someone else do it and, i dont know what she was aiming for but she infiltrated the vein. i was looking down watching her (because i wanted to see a professional do an IV) and she was digging around, and i said ma'am i think you infiltrated the vein. and she goes, i think i did too. I showed her my other arm where everybody sticks and she was able to hit that one. (im CLS trained, we give ivs for fun).