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Make comments easier to read Answered

UPDATE: With the recent changes to the comment layout, this isn't needed any more. Stylish is still fun to play with though. Check it out!

I find the comment threads to be a bit tough to follow. Definitely hard to scan when the threads get complicated anyway.

To make this easier for myself I made a Stylish script for Firefox. You can see the before and after pictures below. Try it out and let me know how it works for you.

Step 1 - Install Stylish for Firefox
Step 2 - Install the Lined Comments Script


Very nice. Looks a lot easier to read. Thanks!

PS... so if we shout loudly enough about how good this is will the small css change required to add the vertical line be implemented? :D

>signed in to voice agreement<

 Dangit, I'm not pro. I cant do big text.

I think this was an old feature.

I can copy paste that text, and use the same font though :)

Apparently, the answer was, "Yes."

Would it be easier to fix the site, so that it always does that. Oh well, awesome.


8 years ago

Personally, I think it makes the comments a bit to 'busy' if you know what I mean..

 Hahaha im not following the mold!

Did this just get stickied?


8 years ago

Great addition. A reason for me to get Firefox now.

 Would this work in Chrome?

If you can get firefox add-ons for chrome then yes otherwise no

*is missing Lithium Rain's Stylish Instructable modifications*

<spoiler>there's another coming soon</spoiler>

 I did, (like forever ago).  I'm a fan of her work.

yay !


8 years ago

Thank you!  I think one major contributor is when people have avatars without a defined border (with a white background) but this works great!

Five golden stars for you sir.

 Wow, that really does make it a lot easier to follow whats going on. Surprising how something simple can make a big difference.

Excellent! I've been hoping for something like this since I first found Instructables...most forums I've seen already have something like this, and they're a lot easier to follow. Thanks for putting this out here!

I have a slight suggestion (Not about this script), but would it be possible to make a script, or make the site like this, where the comments are straight down, instead of one to the left, the one below it a bit to the right, the one after that more to the right, and ect?
Just a suggestion, thanks.

Is that a no? Wait, what's the opposite of no? The good one? Ummm....Yes?

Just installed it, and it works great! Thanks!

I just installed it and it is awesome.  It makes the comments much easier to read and follow.
Thanks so much


Oh thank FSM.  I've been needing something like this for a while, especially in long conversations.

Just installed it.  The simplest things can take the frustrating out of even the most simple problem.

Glad you like it. Funny that you should be the first one to see this since you're in the example.