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Linux, ubuntu, and the like Answered

ok, so I'm tired of my windows system. It is starting to get boring to look at AND VERY VERY CLUTTERED. I would like to switch to ubuntu, but I'm not sure if it will play my windows games that have a lot of code and/or are graphically intensive. I know it has dual boot, and the other thing, but idk if it will play AOE3, Risk, Itunes, Windows Media player, or any of the windows programs. One of the reasons I would like to switch to ubuntu is because they have a download just for media and music production, and me being a wanna be music superstar, that is what I want and/or need right now.


Well, Ubuntu (like Macs) don't have a wide range of games that are playable on them. In fact, none will unless you use wine, which even then stops some from playing. Unlike games, there are plenty of applications for Ubuntu that could be used as alternatives to windows programs (obviously not windows media player, it's closed source).

I would have to say Dual-booting would be a better option. You could boot into linux for recording and browsing the web, and then boot into windows for playing games and iTunes and such, although I'm sure there's some form of "itunes 'clone'" out there for linux, I never came across one (but I never searched for one, so...)

If Window$ is getting cluttered... well, I don't know what you mean by cluttered. Could you explain a little more in detail by what you mean by cluttered?
Too many programs installed?
Too fragmented?
Too much stuff on the Hard Drive?

Well... add or remove programs, disk defrag, disk cleanup, then do the mother of all disk cleanup/registry cleanup/uninstallation utilities... CCleaner.
I've heard stories of people who have cleared up more than 5 gigabytes for many days in a row. That's got to feel good.

I am, however, not very super fond of Ubuntu. I like Ubuntu, but I prefer Fedora. It looks prettier :D

Of course, there are many other distros you could use, such as the many at Distrowatch. I think some of my favorites would be Linux Mint, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, and Fedora9, but It's all up to you. I mainly like fedora9 because of it's easy to install packages for apps.

There are a fair number of Linux Games out there, you just have to look on the webs rather than in game shops.

do you run a linux system and if so what do you use/recommend. My dad is a blackberry/computer nerd and geek/computer knows almost anything dude and he says that linux systems are for people who wanna do things the hard way. Is that true?

I dual boot Ubuntu with Windows Vista. I had to do some setup things the hard way, but that was me. Day to day use is pretty easy, you have to be comfortable using a terminal (command line) window to be able to use it well. I don't really notice much difference in difficulty, it's well documented online so it's easy to get help.

Where you don't have a GUI interface. Windows' command line is Start->Run-> Type cmd-> Hit enter Otherwise look it up on Google.

what I mean by cluttered is that I have to organize WAAAYY tooo much, and I NEED itunes because I have an Ipod. I'd rather not dual boot though because it seems really really complicated and glitchy and I have already thought about doing that though. what about running it off a cd the same way a flash drive would?

Fedora9 has a liveusb creator here. You can install it to a 1gb flash drive, but then you only have a 200MB overlay. Go out, buy a 2GB flash drive, delete everything on it, run the liveusb creator to make a liveusb out of it with 1024MB overlay (just guessing, if that doesn't work lower it, but it should work with about 200MB left over)

could I run it off an external hard drive?

Probably, but I don't see why you would want to use an entire hard drive when you only need 1Gb space, minimum.

true, but I only got 7 gigs of space left on computer and I was thinkin it would be good to hold other stuff on it too.

Oh, well I'm not 100% sure you'd be able to, but probably.

you SHOULD be able to, but I've never attempted it.

I got a 4 gig flash drive yesterday and I am downloading ubunto now

I GOT IT WORKING!!! it is a little slow sometimes, but it works. IT IS SOOOOO MUCH MORE AWESOMER THAN WINDOWS (and looks waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy) cooler

Congrats! If you want more speed, try to use Pendrivelinux or Puppy. I even found The FEDORA9 link I gave you below to be faster.

Check out this article. It shows three options you have for playing Windows games on your PC.


10 years ago

dual booting might be your best option if you wanna switch, or alternatively pick up a cheap hard drive and transplant it in while your playing around with linux. then you can switch back to windows with no fuss.

I'm currently dual booting ubuntu and ubuntu studio, i'd recommend this if you want ubuntu studio and a normal environment (i think ubuntu studio is compiled with a low latency kernel for music production, and has some extra tweaks that might make running some "normal" ubuntu apps a bit buggy...it might not though. although it's useful having both so you don't have all the ubuntu studio apps cluttering your install)

as for itunes clones i think ubuntu has built in drag and drop ipod support (it worked fine with my friends ipod nano, allthough his was an old one) there are also quite a couple of other music libaray apps you might wanna have a look at:
songbird (not in the official ubuntu repositories yet, although not hard to setup, it's being hailed as the Firefox of music programs)

As Skate6566 said you could try running a live distro off a usb pen for a bit, although it won't run as fast as a hard drive install and ubuntu studio dosen't have any live cd yet.
good luck!

cool, I gotta convince mom and dad though b4 I do anything to da computer

hehe, my mum used to get pissed when i mucked around with our old computer, i must of broken it countless times :D

if you wanna run ubuntu from a flash drive here's a pretty good insturctable :

it won't change anything on the hard drive of the computer so windows will still be there and no damage will be done to the pc. might be worth a go anyway.

well mom is workin right now and DOES NOT WANNA BE DISTURBED!!!

what else have you tried besides the ones mentioned above