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M16 Kits available today! Answered

Kits for my m16 will be available by later today. The price is $30.00 plus shipping. Be sure to check KI's store. I'll have a link once its ready. http://www.knexinnovation.net/store/Bakenbitzs_Store.php


are they still available?

does it come with metalic pieces?

my god what has the world come to? by the way if you do have enough pieces can you post instructable

how much is shipping?

It's a good idea 'an all but I doubt you are going to gain any proffit from this.

Connectors -45 white -2 blue -135 yellow -5 green -15 red -15 orange -2 light grey -35 grey End Connectors -6 tan lock -1 orange track splice -7 black hinge -7 blue hinge -26 black short end -6 blue end cap Rods -1 black -6 red -5 yellow -20 blue -128 white -200 green Miscellaneous -3 blue spacer -4 silver spacer -3 #64 rubber band -1 small rubber band

Easily worth it just for the pieces! Shame you don't ship to UK, couldn't you just charge loads of postage?

I'm not sure, ask crestind, he does the shipping.

does this ship to the uk?

do rubber bands come with it?

why buy a kit when you can build one

stupid question #4 do they come with instructions or is it an instructable?

distance? accuracy? accurate to?