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Every body knows Adams phrase I REJECT YOUR REALITY AND SUBSTITUTE MY OWN or THERE'S YOUR PROBLEM Do you know some more? Give your opinion on them? Which is the funniest to you?


my fav is Jamie want big boom lol 

" I wouldnt say that Jamie's an evil genious." -Adam

If it's over complicated it's a sign of bad engineering

i totally agree on that one... And as Jamie always says, simpler is always better... :D

Ya me too. Remember, a beginner built the arc professionals built the Titanic

Guys.."Am I missing an eyebrow?"

The funny part is when Jamie chimes in and says that he's missing a bunch of hair too. The smile on Adam's face just disappears in an instant.

You can never have too much lard.

jamie: ........GOLLY!

* "Failure is always an option"
* "I reject your reality and substitute my own"
* "Smells like: Science"
* "When in doubt: C4"
* "I enjoy seeing Adam in pain"
* "Was that my eyebrow?"
* "It may not look like it, but we're experts." "Don't try this at home.  Whoa!"
* "Don't try this at home" "We're what you call-" "-experts"
* "That didn't sound good"
* "Can I use the whole can?" "No."
* "That was unexpected"
* "Ow"
* "Awesome"
* "My prediction: Chaos"
* "Take that Buster"
* "Buster got a baptism by fire"
* "That didn't work"
* "You beat the robot!!!???"

"...we're what you call experts." ExPerts Ex-: has-been/used to be; -Pert: drip under pressure; Expert = Has-been drip under pressure

i think adam needs a cookie-jaime

Haha, that is from the ping-pong ball, salvage myth, right???

yes. I think he said it in a couple of episodes though

"i just want to blow this thing up" adam and jaime only for different myths

forgive me mythbusters for i have sinned... lol

haha, by the power of M5 industries and Tesla coils James all mighty forgives you... :D

if mythbusters said it,so it shall be!!!! lol

we should make up a religion! lol

hahahaha, we need a book, like a bible or something...

hmmmmmm... i was gonna post a sugestion for a name of the book. but i got nuthin'...this could be hard

yea, eeeee, hmmmm, cmon head ....

how about something in latin.or german. yea lets do german.that sunds cooler

Yea, german, or latin, thats also a good idea, mitus libris... :P

libris-book or somethig in lattin and mythus.... you get the picture... :)

ok so wats"book for the followers of mythbusters"?(in frantic voice) libris.....wat-libris wat?!!?!!?!?!?!?

"latin for book for the followers of mythbusters"

oooOOOooo ok Google it if you dair!

i got "libelli ob scholae mythus" wat do you think?

Yea, that sound cool, yet scientific! Ok so we dot mythbusterstology libelli ob scholae mythus, who is the most important god , 1 god or more goods...???

that's the easiest question! 2 gods. adam savage and jamie hyneman! lol when i googled the latin thing,i actually got this page as a search result!

hahahaha! And what will adam be the god of??? Grant should be a god of robots, torry god of pain... :)

adam:god of war kari:god of resources jamie:god of reassurance