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Make an Operating System Answered

I am trying to make an OS. I am planning on doing it in C++, as I know a lot of that. Update: I can't really use GRUB, but since it is GNU, I will use it to get an idea. I still need to know how to make the kernel. Anyone know?


For the bootloader, maybe you're not forced to reinvent the wheel. You could use GRUB. It would let you more time to focus on the kernel =o)

Do you know about :
- BIOS interrup calls ?
- boot sequence ?

Always a good choice, but I never found any real diy info...


10 years ago

You shouldn't need to. Use an existing bootloader like GRUB, and together with the PC bios (you don't SAY you're using a PC, but it sounds like it) you should be able to make the PC run pretty much any binary file on the CD (or on the net) on the bare metal. Been there, did that, can't really talk about it too much...