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Making night vision goggles Answered

I have read and watched a couple of videos about making night vision involving welding masks, sun glasses, digital cameras ect.  i was tempted to make the sun glasses attached with lcd lights, but the brightness may be a issue.   I thought of doing it with a pair of goggles like snowboarding goggles with the red and blue paper but im not sure how i would house  the power supply for led's.     

What i would like to do is get a webcam and make it inferred and add extra Led lights, and situate this on top of the goggles visor then because i have a broken PSP (i say broke someone stole the battery and i just haven't used it in 2 years) wire that to the camera if possible so the PSP receives the picture and can power the LED's and camera. Then make a housing for it to sit in front of the visor.   That would make a great pair of goggles to go paint balling with.

If that isn't possible what would be better using the red and blue paper, removing the the webcam internals and fill the housing with led's powered by a battery, Still situated on the top of the goggles.    Or taping a digital camera instead of the PSP camera to it.   What would have better quality for inferred? There's no point me demolishing a camera or a PSP if adding paper to the lens does as good of a job


There are a lot of people (who for whatever reasons) think that it should be fairly cheap and esy to make expensive electronic equipment - but it isn't.

Do you actually want something that works in darkness, or something that just looks like the real thing?

(The PSP probably won't be any use, unless they're designed to display external video streams?)


IR LEDs with a cheap camera that doesnt have an IR filter on it

You cannot create light where there is none with a filter. Filters REMOVE stuff.

So, your options:
'near infrared vision' or the welding goggles.
Works in BROAD DAYLIGHT ONLY and removes most of the visible light so you can see everything in a weird false colour that is normally washed out by regular visible light. (this is the red blue filter thing).
Adding IR leds won't help, because you CANNOT see infrared, and the filters won't change that. To clarify. Put your hands over your eyes in a dark room. Can you see any more than you could without your hand there? no. That is because your hand FILTERS the little remaining light and you can't see anything.

Next option:
how regular night vision works - use an extremely sensitive camera to pick up what little light there is, then using a screen (monocular) or two (binocular) ...look at the resulting image. This will improve your night vision capabilities because it relies on technology to do the sensing where your eye can't keep up. Keep in mind, this type of night vision is illegal in the united states.

Next option:
Is the above, but add an infrared light source. The CAMERA in the previous option is sensitive to the IR and thus sees it just like any other light. You, or other people around won't be able to see the IR light source, but other cameras WILL. This is how the 'toy' splinter cell goggles work. They are an IR flashlight and camera with heads up display.

Keep in mind IR LEDs will make you a super visible target in paint ball games
to anyone else with an IR camera.