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My Appleseed Processor (for making biodiesel) Answered

I just built my first appleseed prototype. What d'you guys think?

So, for the sake of discussion...

What's the general attitude in the instructables community towards biofuels in general?

Who here's boycotting ethanol? If so, are you boycotting all ethanol, or just ethanol made from food-crops?

Who else on i'Bles makes biodiesel?



I am not a fan of ethanol, as it uses corn.Why am I against corn? For the following reasons:
  • It seems like EVERYTHING processed is made with high fructose corn syrup. It is terrible for your body, but companies do not care, it is cheaper, and they want more money.
  • Slaughter houses of cows, chickens and pigs are all fed with corn. It fattens them up faster, and is not organic. Companies claim they are fed organically, but they probably are just fed organic corn. (That doesn't cut it)
  • Most foods we eat have some sort of corn product in them. Or a byproduct of corn. It is cheap, mass produced, and is cheap for companies.

Therefore, I am not a fan of ethanol. Sure, it has its benefits, but biofuels, IMO, are all around better.

Is it really corn's fault that there are slaughter houses, it makes really good sugary liquid, and it's cheapness?

I like biodiesel and it is nice and all but fully electric is cars and trucks are better in my opinion. They usually emit less NOx and CO2 but they still emit some. I prefer totally clean energy such as solar or wind which still emit some but significantly less then their fossil fuel counterparts. I am looking into building an electric car this summer. BTW nice biodiesel processor. Very well built. I have made a few small amounts of biodiesel but nothing on your scale. Well done. Interesting topic. :)

You better make an instructable about it!

Sorry I meant "NOC" (volatile natural organic compounds) not "NOx" (nitrogen oxides). Well now that I look at it would still emit both. :)

To answer your discussion question. Biofuels are great. They are slightly cheaper (alot cheaper) than regular fuels. And it is a resource that people keep on producing (oils). Moving to a different source of energy besides gas is inevitable, so we might as well start now.

that's intense