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NAR strangeness NOW WITH PICTURES Answered

So I was testing my NAR and my TR18 next to each other and noticed that the NAR doesn't really like finned  rods.  In some cases it actually shot normal red rods further than finned ones; anyone else noticed anything like this?

I'm sure it's not a problem with the fins; my TR18 shot them about twice as far with the same bands as the NAR.  I think it may be because you have to place the fins further forward on the rod because of the bullet lock.

On an unrelated note, I don't really make all that much myself, I modify other peoples' things, so if you want me to give any weapons a new better looking and more comfortable body (if you say a WORD about that DJ...), just say and I'll see what I can do.  I'll only accept your own designs, no volunteering others' work.  If you want me to do someone else's design, send them a PM and get them to speak to me directly.  And no TRs.

I would upload some pictures of my previous work, but my library on the site has been mysteriously emptied, and I can't find them in my picture folders.  I still have a mod of SK's shotbow built, so I'll post a picture of that as an edit later if there's interest.

EDIT:  Pictures of my shotbow, two very old Striker mods (IaC's Striker), an old one of my TR18 (I made it much better than it is shown here, but this is the only picture I could find), and something I think I modded from IaC's assault pistol (this one was one of my first attempts at a mod and isn' my best work).


The shotbow is tight.

Thanks, because the barrel setup is slightly different, you can select single fire or 'double fire' so you have a choice of emptying the mags together or one at a time.

You're gonna have to post some internal pics, I can't see how this is selective fire.

Because the firing pins are pushed really low in the barrel with a tan connector, not unlike how some oodammo pistols ensure the pin only hits the top round, you can 'unclip' the top of the oodammo off the top grey rod rail on the bow, but keep it 'clipped' onto the bottom one.  You can actually see this if you look closely at the left hand side bow arm in the first picture.  This means the back of the white rod if the oodammo is so high up in the barrel, and the pin is so low, that the two don't actually hit each other with the weapon is fired.


8 years ago

Nice socks.

pic 5 is awsome ! 

could you send some pics of it ?

I don't have any other pictures, but the only bits of mechanism that you can't see are the trigger mechanism pieces from the Striker.  Everythiong else is as it is in the picture, so it shouldn't be too hard to build.


8 years ago

Problem #1: ...my TR18 shot [finned rods] about twice as far with the same bands as the NAR.

Generally speaking, a NAR's range will be equivalent to about any other powerful gun like a TR## as long as both have the same [amount of] bands. In my experience, the NAR has gotten superior ranges with the same bands, but perhaps my TR18 is just obsolete.
The innovation of the NAR mechanism is not 'more range with equal power'. The innovation is simply the idea that the pin will never break, so there is potential for more power. A TR## is incapable of utilizing any more than 7 bands; the NAR can probably handle more than 15.

Problem #2: I have a connector barrel NAR...

With more power, a gun must be more structurally stable. Since all the remaining force of the pin will be projected into the front of the gun, the front must be more solid than a rock. Square barrel constructions are weaker than those of  circular barrels, and thus cannot hold as much power.

Problem #3: ...you have to place the fins further forward on the rod because of the bullet lock.

Finned rods will fly straighter and farther when the fins are toward the back of the rod. In order to achieve this, the barrel must be short (2-3 units).

Problem 1:  I know this, but I was testing for the hell of it.

Problem 2:  I like it that way, and I don't really need it to fire farther than mine can already.

Problem 3:  Yes, it is annoying but true.

Thanks for the comment.

Problem 2 is 100% of your problem. You built the wrong gun, and you were expecting it to get the same ranges as a NAR.

I know, I've rebuilt my original NAR now.

Nice physics explanation.

Actually I don't have a problem with that, the NAR shoots finned rods twice as far as normal red rods.  For me, normal red rods just stop all of a sudden in midair at around the 80 foot mark and then go up or down or wherever then drop.

I have a connector barrel NAR with Zak's bullet lock setup, which requires the back inch and a half on the rod has to be in the weapon, so the fins are too far forward to be useful.

That's probably why your NAR doesn't like finned rods.

Also, pic of the shotbow please?

I know, but it looks much better.

I'll post it on this topic.

I agree.

Nice pics. By the way, I read the description that you have made some changes to your TR? May I have a picture?

I'm afraid it has gone.  I'm, gutted I Iost the pictures.  It looked great.

I used the normal tube barrel.

Meh I'll give it a shot. Wanna try modding the BAW up a bit? It's basic thanks to my amount of pieces so I'd like to see what it could be turned into. knex lover posted it.

I was literally Just about to break it up to rebuild the Mezak.  Lucky I checked here before heading over to KI...

I'll give it a go, there's a lot that can be done with it because it's so basic.

Yes finally someone with the same exact problems as me! Not to say that this is a good thing.... but i figured out that if you put the fins half way on a red and put 6-10 bands on it it goes further than a tr.

I tried putting fins on halfway, and it just spun out straight away :S

o yea ... sorry .. i think i need glasses XD

what gun is in the last picture? it looks like you made that gun on your own.

I found it in my library and I think it was based off IaC's assault pistol, or maybe the spiff.

that bow is from s0lekill3r XD bud it looks great  !

Why not try reading?

'I still have a mod of SK's shotbow'

sorry i can't fav XD

knex guy , i love you =)

i am just bizzy with a new NAR , i shoot it with 2 rubberband s ( i used smal , and i got it to 40 feet ... unbelievible! if it's gonna be a succes , you gonna get the first pictures off me !

and great guns my friend !

5* and fav

yes just the one you need for it ..
bud i shoot without a rod sometimes for show .. and if you do that than it breaks.. i have fixed the problem i think .. i use a small bleu ring thing .. on the ram .. now it don't break .. yes a small thing on the ball-joint thing .. bud it don't break with ammo ... bud till i don't no how to fix the whole problem ..

'Dry firing' often breaks things, I wouldn't do it if you can help it at all.

my ball joint breaks when i shoot .. can someone help me please ??
i put 3 times a balljoint in het bud i always break by every shot , and i use just 3 bands 0.0 .. can someone help me ?? 

You are using a socket joint, right?

I have no idea otherwise, no one else has had this problem to my knowledge.

 Well I had a cut end of a rod because I had it so I put it in the ball socket and that prevents it from breaking but what you can also do is not dry fire which will prevent it from breaking because the ram rod is not hitting the ball socket at an angle. If you have any more questions I would be glad to help

 Fins work extremely well with my nar. And could i have a picture of the shotbow?

OK, I'll post one on this topic, probably tomorrow now though.


8 years ago

At a angle I shot non-finned red rod out at about 100 feet, but with fins I got it to about 250-270! So mine liked fins (Must re-make it!)