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Need to polish tan leather fashion boots. Answered

I have a pair of Steve Madden (very expensive) knee length, platform fashion boots. They have never been worn, but they have been moved several times. They are made of a regular smooth leather, but have some light scratches (which look lighter than the rest of the boot). I want to polish them for resale, but don't want to have the scratches turn out dark. Please advise, M


Take them tot a boot/shoe repair shop and see what they say. If they're that expensive I would get a professional opinion before I did anything. They might need dying before polishing. If you polish first that would seal the leather and make it harder to dye. Good luck.

Petroleum Jelly, the unscented kind. Does a fine job and doesn't discolor. Use an old soft cotton rag, not paper towels. Throw away the rag when you're done. Best of luck!