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Nokia Lumia 520 without plan Answered

Hi guys. I have been thinking about making/getting a portable game system, and have come to the conclusion that the easiest and most portable way to do this is to buy a cheap smartphone (either android or windows phone 8.1 but not ios because I don't like apple (except for their ipod series, that idea was revolutionary)) and put only emulators and games on it, maybe even steam or origin or desura, pretty much any good game client. Pretty much just use it as a device to play games on. But, I don't want to pay for a smartphone plan. I have read that you can somehow use an android phone as an ipod, but how this is done I have yet to find...I know that you can unlock and root but you still need a carrier for the phone to work. So my question is do any of you guys and gals have any idea of how to go about using a phone without a carrier, as a game system (which means I really only need data)???????I have searched the internet high and low and cant seem to find an answer. And btw, the phone I want to use is the Nokia Lumia 520 (running windows phone cyan update).


Ok, thanks for your input, I have decided to go with the nexus 7 (rooted, of course).

For the price of a decent smart phone without a plan you can get the Nvidia Shield Tablet and play just about any game you want.


Sure you can root an older smartphone but you are vary limited on the games you can get for it. You certainly wouldn't be able to use services like steam with such a device.

Good idea but I would prefer if it was 6 inches or smaller...

I think the tablet genre starts out at 7 in screens for the mini version. But for gaming, a bigger screen is better, especially if you want all the graphics they display in newer games. Maybe a used or refurbished late model ipod would work for you since they have a higher resolution display.

Maybe any of the android tablets suits your needs better. Wifi and no need for any plan.