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Playstation 3 or Dell Inspiron Laptop ? Answered

From the title you can all see i need some help.

(don't worry it's not gils)

I can't choose between the PS3 os the dell laptop.

Basically its this deal with AOL that if you sign up to their broadbrand you get a free PS3 or laptop - your choice.

(i know all the terms and conditions so you don't need to explain them to me)

But the problem is i can't decide which free gift to take?
To tell you the truth my heart is set out more to the PS3.
But i do/ could use a..... ,need a laptop aswell!

So please help me decide!

*PS3* is only 40 gig and not bacword compatible. (check the carphone website/aol deal for details)

I need to sign up before the 17th. preferblally friday.


The PS3 is a better value because you are getting much more processing power, along with the ability to play games. Also the PS3 should be backwards compatible with PSX. The laptop is probably a pretty useless entry level, so wait for holiday sales. So PS3 of course!

Thanks faust for the great post. I just realised, my cousin did this same sign up with aol to get a laptop. And the specs are 80 gig hardrive, 1 gig memory, intel celeron processor (very slow), and vista basic. wereas the PS3 is much better. ( i think of decided) lol.

! The 80G model! With the chrome trim! *drools* Then it's definitely the better choice.

i do....i got the 80 gig and i bought some fans for it so it stays as cool as a pop-sickle...its niccccceeeee

How did you hook those fans on your 80 gig SP3, mine runs hot !!!!!

Too bad. :( I bet You want one though!

So? ( good for you) Im getting one anyway so i coudn't care less.

PS3 CUZ I BOUGHT IT AND IT CHANGED MY LIFE. you can go on the internet browser too all you need is internet connection. AND ITS EPIC MAN TRUST ME

Thanks, I have already decided i wanted the PS3. Any reasons you chose that. Do you Own one ? Is it good? Best game? Free online?

I'm not asking you to wait for four years, but as soon as you get your PS3 start saving up for the PS4 ; )

LOL. But if you read that paragraph again, it says sony is going to wait until 2010 to BUILD the PS4. It could take them another 5 years to finish making it!!!

4 years like I said..............................................

good enuff reason. Lol But hasn't dell got good reputation? I havnt tried one btw.

Dell if your looking for a gameing computer or one with any preformance "STAY AWWAY" I got a custom one from them and it fried itself 10 minutes after I started it up.

duh.. dell make business laptops. if you need something with decent battery for work, go dell. if you need something else (htpc or mc comes to mind) maybe an hp.

No but I just don't believe they can do anything right.

Get the next System that comes out! Trust me, your going to be reaally upset when 1-2 months later they come out with the most ultimate game ever. Actually I think they will, I read in an article that their going to make a game where you use your brain waves to control everything, you wear a helmet, you just think, and it happens in the game. Here check this out...
Hope I Helped!

Ima check it out in a bit.

Would you say that in English? : )

Yes, i was in a rush lol. I still haven't checked out that link yet. Controlling games with your mind....?

i have a solution!!!!! take the computer. and then put a ps3 emulator on it. and look no misspelled words.

( well done lol )

Nah, you can't get PS3 emulators yet, well you can but, you have to download them as torrents, then download the huge game files which could take days....!

Drakes fortune is about 18GB alone!!!

Nice idea but ima getting the playstation 3, the laptop is a very old model.

i have a gameboy advance emulator(i use it for my hacking)

You can try Yellow Dog Linux, it's made especially for the PS3 ;-)

I know. Ive never tried Linux ever before. It might work ever so well on a ps3...

Personally I would take the ps3 Because ITS NOT MADE BY DELL.... I AM REALLY NOT A BIG FAN OF DELL. I hate every bit of the software they put on there computers, it makes them SLOWWWWW..... I had to fix my friends laptop awhile ago. Where is this deal ? (in what state/province and country ) I would like a PS3 for MEH self

LAPTOP!!!!!! The PS3 is not really worth buying. The graphics rock, the games rock but buy the 360. I have a friend that bought it and really didn't think it's a good thing to use money on. The laptop will allow you to roam instructables for years to come. Don't take my choice. It's yours. :)

immature morons. just get the ps3. dell laptops suck and if you hate the ps3, trade it in towards a 360. u cant do that with a laptop. ALSO I OWN A PS3 and THEY ARE REALLLLLLY AWESOME


10 years ago

If you have to ask this, I expect you'll be choosing the PS3. What else beside games can you do with a PS3 as compared to the versatility of a laptop computer.

well think of it this way.... laptop = crappy dell p.o.s. that goes out of date in 4 months, wait u cant upgrade most laptops either!

ps3= best resolution out there, built in blue ray, u can run linux off it, doesnt need upgrading for 4-6 years almost, store movies one it, store games on it, store music on it....its a whole entire entertainment package all in one!. i mean like 1080p! and Bluray!!!! come on go for the ps3 if you are sane!

i might be buying one with christmas money, heavenly sword is SO FREAKING FUN (played it at london drugs lol)

oh...and btw i think that laptop comes with vista, VISTA SUCKS!!

Maybe if you had evidence, to prove vista sucked I would half believe you another reason I consider you stupid is that vista does not suck, once SP1 and SP2 come out there won't be any problems. XP had the same problems before SP1 and SP2 came out.

vistas got a lot of bugs. generally i like to wait a year or 2 before going up the the next one just so they can work out the bugs...but 1 bad thing about vista is it requires much more memory than xp, so if the guys getting a dell lappy it might run kinda slow if it has low ram (which it probably does). besides you can run linux on ps3. so why would u need a laptop. and its got really good graphics and wont go out of date in 3 months... btw i just wrote this whole comment on my ps3.

Kool. U live in london? And thanks finally!!!!!! someone who likes a ps3.!!! If i do get it..... What are the best games to get on there?

oo i just saw where u got that london thing from.....london drugs is canadian, i beleive it was started in a town in ontario called london.....might have been started by a guy whos name is london..

definitly call of duty 4 <--- masterpiece, heavenly sword is freaking awsome, the new ratchet and clank...and those are some of the best games ive seen so far... btw no i live in canada

I just hope you know you can install windows on your PS3, your PS3 would be like a dual core...

tell your neighbors that you accidently ordered 2 aol internet thingies and they said someone you know could have the other account for free, (but dont tell them about the gift) then buy the internet 2 times but make sure you tell them to deliver the gift on the side of the house because you will be "gone". so you get both.