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Possible to save Lovefilm movie streaming? Answered

Dunno if any of you guys use Lovefilm to stream movies and tv shows online, but if you do, just been wondering if it's actually worth getting a Lovefilm subscription. They also throw in some dvd rentals but I'm more interested in the movie streaming part and how good  it is.

Wondering as well if it would be possible to download or save streaming movies or tv shows from Lovefilm to the hard disk or anything like this, for  a little bit of time shifting on my devices.

If any of you guys use Lovefilm to stream movies, I sure could use a couple of opinions on it.



6 years ago

we can use getflv to download it. here you can get this nice tool:

I share you a software-GetFLV, it can help you download LOVEFiLM
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You guys are killing me. It is a very easy thing to do and I understand why you want to do it. My internet is slow too.

Every time you stream a movie it is saved to your TMP directory. Pause the movie at the end and then copy the file out of the TMP folder. Please don't keep the movie after watching it several times.

If you decide to do this the blood is on your hands :)

Actually, there might be some other solutions to solve this, besides actually trying to catch and download movie streams from Lovefilm.

Suppose you can go the recording route and use some piece of software to capture and record Lovefilm streaming movies and save them to the hard disk, way easier than trying to download the actual Lovefilm movie streams.

There's some *cough*audials *cough*program that should also be able to record and save instant streaming movies from Lovefim subscription, as far as I read.

Didn't use it myself to record Lovefilm movie streams cause I don't have a subscription for this one, but suppose you can try it yourself and see how it works for you to record and save streaming movies and tv shows from your Lovefilm streaming subscription.

Worth a shot probably.

So you think this way to record Lovefilm instant movie streams should work out better than trying to catch and download movies from Lovefilm?

It's actually fine by me as long as it works.Will try your method and see how it goes to record instant streaming movies from Lovefilm with that software program.

Thanks for the tip as well.

Well yeah of course.

If you ask me I do not see the point of going through all the trouble to download that many tiny files for one movie since you can just capture and record Lovefilm instant streaming movies to one good file immediately ready for playback.

Hope it'll solve the issue for u.

Maybe the one thegekee suggested might be able to download Lovefilm movie streams.

Though if the lovefilm movies streamed online are protected, doubt it such a video downloader would be able to download them to your hard disk since the protection would prevent you, like in the case of Netflix instant streaming movies or videos.

But hey, if they give you a trial, you might get the chance to see if this one can download Lovefilm instant streaming films or tv shows.

If it does not work to download lovefilm streams, than you can decide what to do: keep the subscription or not.

Hmm, bummer then.

Was planning to try it to see if it can download or save in any way movies from lovefilm, but I suppose there's no point in doing that now.

Now that you mentioned it makes sense those instant streaming movies from Lovefilm must have some security on them.

you might be surprised... there are a lot of things that I thought I wouldn't be able to download with ant. And to clarify, you can download netflix... but the way they put their videos on the server is that there are multiple videos (like around 2000 per movie), and the player they provide doesn't show that there are a lot of videos. So you can download netflix... it's just a nusience.

Ohh, that figures. So there's no way of knowing if it works for me to download Lovefilm stream to the hard disk till I try it.

Yeah, not a pretty sight to see if it will download also a ton of videos just for one movie, that makes it totally not worth the trouble to download movies from lovefilm or netflix or from whatever other such streaming subscription.

ant is free... the only drawback is that it will only save as a .flv file.

There is a way....

And it's very easy......

But it is ILLEGAL.

Sorry but I can not help you.

No hard feelings.

I know, where there's a will there is a way, right? No hard feelings anyways.

Don' t want to do anything illegal of course. It's just that my internet connection is so bad lately that I cannot manage to stream any Lovefilm movies right.

That's why I was wondering if there wouldn't be some way to download instant streaming movies from Lovefilm subscription.

ant video downloader... maybe. I'm not fimilar with lovefilm... I know with netflix you can't download with ant, but they are the only sites I have found that can block it.

I don't know, suppose I should give it a try to see if it works or not to download Lovefilm movie streams.

I don't know either if you can actually save lovefilm movies or not, but do you necessarily have to download or save Lovefilm streaming movies from your subscription?

I mean you can just use the dvd rentals to get whatever movies you wanted to stream online and watch them on computer or whatever other devices u have for dvds playback or anything like this.

Doubt it you'll manage to download streaming movies from lovefilm so why even bother to look for solutions.

Thanks, I know I can just get the dvd rentals. Suppose that's what I have to do since there's no way I could download instant streaming movies from Lovefilm subscription.

Ahem, don't know what to say about this.

The thing is that it's not possible to download Lovefilm streaming movies, anyhow.

I mean, unless you also get movie downloads included in the Lovefilm subscription you are planning to get, you can't just download movies from Lovefilm.

It's not like youtube mate, since it's a subscription instant streaming service they must have some security for this sorta things.

Sorry too.

Well unfortunately there's no subscription that has included Lovefilm movie downloads in it, only streaming and dvd rentals.

you asked for an opinion - it's piracy.


but it is.