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Pro memberships not expiring Answered

Greetings ibles!

So I've got a current pro membership that should be expired, and was about to redeem a new code - but it is still showing my expired membership as my current, my upcoming as still upcoming (even though it should be active by now) - and an unredeemed as it should.  See attached.  The existing membership expired at June 8, 2012...and it's August 2012 (in case anyone is reading this from the future).

Am I okay with it being indefinite pro...sure...but dues where they're due, I like the motivation to crank out new projects!

-Jamie (Frollard)

PS: in case it is at all browser/OS specific:
Firefox 5.0.1 portable on
Win XP pro SP3
in the 'pro membership' tab.


This is what mine looks like

Length 2 Year Pro Membership ($39.95)
Started on Aug 19, 2010
Ends on Aug 18, 2012
Auto-renewal Turned Off

Mine's doing the same thing. "Expired" : 9/25, still active.

and what if they look into that library book you haven't returned since sixth grade?


any thoughts? Still shows in limbo June 8th...I've got plenty of other codes waiting to redeem so I'm not worried about losing it.

Willy Wonka the intern must have generated a few codes. We should have a contest to see who has the most free pro memberships stockpiled up. I know I would be a finalist. It kinda works like the economy, when new ibles slow down, print some more.

That's a great problem to have! I've let our Developers know about it and they are poking around to see what's going on.

I'm having the exact same problem. My pro membership expired August 18, 2012 and it still says it's my current pro membership.