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The person will type it in and the person below has to say if they would read it. Think back, think back to when you were younger and you spent every waking moment making up and playing games.What ever you wanted, you had free rein over your thoughts and you would never ever get scared of your fantasies because you had control over them. You would play cops and robbers, pirates, witches and wizards, ghosts,vampires and werewolves, and win just because you made up the rules. Absolutely everything you could think of. Imagine the day all that stopped..when you finally grew up, when you stopped dreaming those magical places you escaped to. Instead your were going to school and starting homework and going on proper outings with your family.Your dreams lay blank..only thinking of the next day. Your life was comfortable. But what would you do when you dreamed again? What would you do when your fantasies became real?Not knowing whether they were real or just a stretch of you imagination. This thrilling tale is about a boy aged 14 years old called Mike Groves, and this is his nightmare! Would you read it.


Here we go.... A chap slips into a parallel universe, and gets into a big war, Elves and humans vs. vampires. Isn't about him specifically, but it does open with him

Nice. I am going to read .doc file now. XD


9 years ago

I'll read anything, though I think I'm already insulted that you seem to think dreaming stops at about the age when homework starts.

  • Alyssa was expecting middle school to be different, but she wasn't expecting to get DETENTION on her very first day! And for such a stupid reason: apparently you weren't supposed to wear hats, or hooded sweatshirts, because of "gang issues." And apparently her favorite sweater, the one her mother had hand-knit based on her own design, fell under the same rule. Ridiculous! Well, if they were going to treat her like a gang member, then maybe she'd go a make a gang: The Fuzzy Sweater Gang"!

The Fuzzy Sweater Gang is yet another set of middle-school adventures, with a nod toward the modern Craft/Maker community. Based on a true story.
  • The Gang Forms.
  • Budget Woes.
  • Martin Luther King's Birthday.
  • The Science Fair.
  • The Reasons for Rules.
  • The FSG does Robotics.
  • Graduation.

Eh...I just put that in... I'm writing the story now. It is working good. I have had fun with it, when I am $1,300 richer and I'm finished, it will be published. XD

Nice try. I hover over links these days because of people like you. Gone are the times when I would naively click on a link just because someone said it would be useful.

No, really www.iuniverse.com can publish books. So type that in ok.

Whoops. :)

Did you join that Grammar Police cult? It's this new group dedicated only to correcting people...

No, I didn't join. I'd just been reading that thread though and I couldn't help myself!

Sadly, for many people, dreaming does stop at about that age....

Wow. Seems like something, I would try to read. hehe.

Maybe it doesn't "die", but it sure does get beaten down into a fraction of what it used to be.