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Ramset .22 Caliber ? Answered

I've just walked by Home depot today and I saw these things that looked a lot like ammo, I took a look at it, it said "Ramset .22 Cal, Keep away from childreen, heat ,shock,etc,etc,etc, somthing about powder tools. Apppearantly it was for a nailer. So I just just had a question, how do you use it, and can it be used in firearms (such as a zip gun) that accepts .22 caliber cartriges?


you CANT RELOAD a .22 rim fired shell casing

Yes you can . with cleaning , the white tip off matches ground up & or the powder from cap gun caps & one drop of acetone to make a paste to push into the groove inside. let it dry & load charge & press in projectile.

I want to use them as detonators in anti aircraft gun. 30 mm

The old nail gun I have uses those rounds, but one has to whack it with a rather hefty hammer while holding the nail "gun". It is fairly unwieldy and I assume they make them better now. I welded an arm on the side of mine so I could whack it, and if I missed I didn't break my arm (experience talking).

Yep, maybe a bit bigger, but that is the idea. Mine was Soooo loud it deafened the person using it.

I used one with a trigger. Much better than using a hammer.

That would have to be more accurate and easier to use I am sure. Mine however was on sale *blush*

I made the same mistake. I thought that I saved a few bucks with the one that you strike with a hammer. Let that be a lesson to all of us! We get what we pay for.

I got it when I was about 17 or so, and have used it like twice. So for me, savings were helpful. I definitely learned NOT to have a partner help hold the hammer while striking it (I did not hit her, but when that .22 went off in her ear.....well I am certain you know that she refused to help me with any more projects *sigh*

does anyone know where i can get a job lot of deactived rimmed .303 rounds?

you mean w/o gun powder, or just the shells? Cause you can get the shells at a gunshow or almost any other place that sells guns.

Ohh, so you want non live rounds, i have no idea whether those even exist, but you could probably buy shells, then buy the bullet by itself. Or if you were an idiot, or you were lazy, you could buy live rounds, and attempt to remove the gun powder. But if you try that way, then you would probably run out of fingers.

HAHA yeah, i can get deactivated rounds with the bullet in them because i have 5 already but i dont know where.

Wow, have you ever ordered from them? Is it illegal for an under 18 year old to buy just the brass casings or no? If I recieve a package from them, do you think the people who will deliver it will ask somthing like "Are you 18? Can I see some ID? etc,etc" ? I'm planning to just buy some rifle cartriges from that website. Not loaded ammunition, but just the casing.....or perhaps some primers.

ya, but i usually go to gun shows, cause the sellers there tend to have less expensive prices, if you can find what you are looking for, but I don't know if there are gun shows in England.

im planning to make a powder charge bb gun using ramset nail charges and thick steel tubing, you'd have to load every bb on top of the ramset charge, but hey, it would be the first ever powder charge bb rifle, i'll post here again if i do decide to go through with it

Haha I thought of that same thing today as well. It would be cool though to fire BBs out of real firearms.

The new 'hot' load is a .177 rifle-the round looks like a miniature hunting round : )

nope just .17, i have one, ok its my dads, but still, and its a lil longer than a .22 mag, but right on, im buying a revolver thats fited for this round, very fast

Is that the name of the round or the size? (ie the difference between .357 and .38)

i v been looking online, the only barrrel that fits bbs i can find is 1/4 inch aluminum tubing, i am going to buy that and put a tight steel sleeve over that, you think it'l work??

its for hand loading. that tool is ment for seating the primer.

I built a zip gun out of a tapered pipe and a broken screw driver.It fired blanks that were used in a old nail gun.I used it for scaring away deer and for signaling in paintball.

i was just going through this, i got some of those things, the cartriges are bigger, their like .30cal, umm i think ya would have better luck getting some seemless hydrolic tubing for a barrel, look at P.A. Luty's stuff.

I now have those nail charges. I modify .22 charges to work as a .22 short. It works suprisingly well. When I tried it on my zip gun, my homemade lead bullet penatrated a 3/4" thick peice of wood and still left a hole in my bedroom wall. I also buy .27 loads and modify them with a bullet to work with my other homemade guns that uses my unique 7mm ammo.

Another person on youtube does the same thing, check out the user "focusofdarkness". His homemade firearms are pretty awsome.



it is for a concrete nailer for houses and stuff. for when you need to attach a board to concrete, they're fun to play with, dont shoot yerr face tho itll hurt


10 years ago

Why not just buy .22 Cal. bullets?

Probably age restrictions on purchase of ammo : )

Yea, I was able to get some used shotgun shells in the past from older students in my school (They were 18yrs old ), and some 9mm cartriges from a friend of mine whos dad owned a 9mm handgun, but I have trouble getting .22 caliber ammo. I once went to a gunstore to buy some .22 ammo, but they did not allow me to purchase any ammo. :~(

. You, sir, are correct about then being for power nailers. They do not have a bullet - the open end is crimped (but may contained a small wad and/or sealer). . Not sure if they will work in a firearm, but would bet a nickel that they will. Check to make sure the propellant load is not greater than the firearm can handle.

Yea, I'm planning to fire the cartridge once then reload it again with an actual bullet.(I know a way on how to reload rimfires.)

The ends are crimped to prevent reloading : ( Or at least they were years ago when I saw them last. pic

I think I could open it up somehow, anyway, if I can't, I could probably use them as blanks or something.

. By the time you uncrimp it, straighten it out, and then crimp it onto the bullet, there will be a lot of metal fatigue. Not safe, IMNSHO. Use them as blanks only and use light loads. . For "real" ammo, stick to brass designed for that purpose.

You could use them like black powder-load the bullet separate from the propellant. The neck might not have been annealed like a normal round in order to save cost-especially since rim fire rounds aren't normally reloaded anyway.

i figurre nail gun