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Reducing home electricity bills by about 50% ? Answered

Can I reduce my home electricity bill by about 50% by using the following method :-

Use an inverter to power an electric motor, the shaft of the electric motor rotates the armature of a AC generator with high number coils and powerful neodymium magnets. The generator recharges the inverter.




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The biggest energy hog is your air conditioner. If you can reduce your attic temperature from the normal summer average of 145F to about 100F... then your air conditioning bill will be greatly reduced 30 to 50 percent. This can be done by painting your roof white (using Hydrated Lyme) ...so it is 85 % reflective. Or by placing styrofoam sheets on the attic ceiling so the heat goes up and out your roof-turbines. I have done BOTH of these things to my house and our electric usage went from about 840kW per month (summer ) down to about 591 kW per month. Here are my actual monthly usage readings:

Here is the RAW DATA for my home electricity usage for the years 2006 through 2010:

2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
JUNE 629 668 468 ND 480
JULY 903 929 750 ND 667
AUG 1005 778 750 ND 751
SEPT 823 1002 620 ND 468

4-MO/AVG 840 844 647 ND 591

The year 2009 has No Data because my electric meter failed and i received estimated bills those months.

Air conditioning? What the devil is air-conditioning?

You mean opening the windows at night and closing them during the day, and sleeping in the buff I presume ;-)

I had a window unit for one season, but aside from that, for the past 52 years I've done just fine without. Helps to live in Northern Ohio I suppose, but I am a big believer in human acclimation as the best way to deal with heat...although in the defense of average folk, business tends to spoil that for many who work in offices and retail spaces)

One other thing very green thing that can be done is grow trees to cover the roof with their canopy, but that is, unfortunately, not something most people can do in a very short period of time).

Alternatively, instead of building a new home, one *could purchase any one of millions of older homes nearer to city centers that are now going to rot due to the neuvo-riche mentality of destroying farmland for their own 1.4 acres of cardboard housing on someone's old corn field 15-20 miles from their places of employment...

I wish I hadnt developed the need for AC. I cant even sleep at night without it on.

I rather like this idea I had for home made Air con just for the bed - Ill shares it with you as up to now it's just a concept:

The PC fan is fairly silent and at best should be temperature controlled so it only starts up when the under the sheet temperature rises above a set point.

The air is ducted under the bottom of the bed sheets to circulate cooling air round your body during the night.

If required an ice pack could be inserted into the ducting to make the air even cooler.

MUCH cheaper than running AC all night.

Wean yourself and save some cash and the environment! (easy to say for me, since it's been a very cold and rainy spring so far. I'm still sleeping with a down comforter)

Try using a sound hisser ( white noise generator ).
Very useful when RV camping away from power lines.
Can't run the generator for AC all night :)



4 months ago

so why is it not plausible to use a 92% efficient alternator Power by Ur 30% efficient grid to get more power

You can't create energy.
So assuming zero losses you would get the SAME amount of energy back.
But since ZERO LOSSES DO NOT EXIST you would end up losing some of your energy.
So NO.

Who can't create energy? Maybe you can't. Speak for yourself, not for the masses.

I would love to be corrected :)
Am I right in thinking if I say You might be talking about E=MC^2?

I am working on a possible source of free energy. If I am successful, I will post an Instructable of it, wish me luck people.

If you could then you could use a gear to double the speed of your generator part and then eliminate 100% of your bill.

Then triple the speed and sell some power back to the utility company.

I too was thinking about this. A low power motor with high torque, powering a high RPM alternator with gears having increase in speed. Would this system generate some extra electricity?

Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

A low power motor by your definition Cannot have HIGH TORQUE !!

Power (Hp) = Torque (Ft_Lb) X Rotation_Speed (RPM) / 525

Power is the product of Speed times Torque.
When you gear it up you reduce the torque and loose energy by friction!
Ending up with Less power then you started with !!!

You seem like a nice young person with no concept of the physics
education we old people went to school to learn and understand.

One day when you are a middle age ninja and your master teaches
about machines,  you will be so embarrassed to recall these awkward
questions that demonstrate a total lack of knowledge.


Could you give me a few suggestions for good colleges in the USA for Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. I desire to make a career in robotics.

DeVry is a great staring point for robotics. A campus in almost every state.
Search out the one closest climate to your homeland.

It is possible to teach yourself programming.
And buy a toy robot ( toys are excellent examples of engineering know how )
to take apart understand, put back together, give to a child then get a
different robot and repeat the process


I went to I.I.T. ( Illinois Institute of Technology ).  That was 50 years ago.
The admission process has certainly changed since then with the PC.
I worked for Skilsaw a drill manufacturer in Chicago as a jumior EE
for one semester and attended IIT the next semester back and forth
for 7 years. 
At skillsaw we were diffusing our own power SCRs for speed control
drill motors.
At IIT the lab was 10 years behind we built ring counters using discrete
devices, when RTL ICs were already available.
The point is college taught me math, programming and how to look up
a subject in library ( that is all ).  DeVry is a "hands-on" institution.

My heavy machine experiences were in a high school vocational 2 yr lab.

A good deal of my knowledge has been acquired from expert people
that I worked with in different companies in the US.


Sigh. No.

BUT you could try photovoltaic cells on the roof.

convert all lights to low energy LEDs

Leave NOTHING on standby EVER

Turn off everything your not using including lights.

Turn heating down 5 deg and wear more clothes

Don't run the AC if you have it.

It may not save 50% but WILL go a long way towards it.

I recently came across the thing called 'Magniwork Generator'. Does anyone have any practical experiences with it?

>Sees "A Zero point magnetic power generator is basically a Free Energy Generator. It uses magnets, and magnetic force to induce perpetual motion."<

Load of bull****. If you've given them money demand a refund because it's a scam.

No, I didn't try it. I was quite skeptic about it. If this technology was so simple, why didn't anyone else come up with it way earlier.

Good, there ya go. The REAL ways to reduce your power bills are to reduce consumption (see the bazillions of suggestions on here), or if you're really obsessed, to generate your own power through solar, wind, or a hydroelectric stream, all of which involve substantial initial investment.

+ 1E97

There is no free energy. There is no perpetual motion. If they're claiming either, they're lying or deluded.

There *MIGHT* be a new source of energy. But that would be an extraordinary claim, which would require extraordinary proof, and if they had that proof they'd be going very public with it rather than trying to find suckers.

Well, if we can figure out how to successfully mine the methane crystals without blowing up the planet's crust...

I have some lovely lakefront property along the Mississippi if you're interested...

Too soon?

oooh! Puhleeze? where do I sign? ;-)

But seriously, that "gunk" that took out the oil well last year is a serious source of energy IFF it can be harvested safely. As far as harvesting it safely, well, yeah...it's too soon.


Fact is, your best reduction will come from reduction in usage.

If you have a stream on your property with sufficient flow, you could employ a turbine generator. If you use an electric dryer (clothes) you can redirect the flow back into the house (through a filter) during the cold months to reduce your heating bill. You can also allow the off-flow from a load of laundry wash to stand for a while to recover some of the heat from the water (presuming it's warm or hot water in the splash basin...you just have to remember to let it drain before the next load or after it has cooled. for forced air homes during the winter, this also acts as a humidifier...

If you can afford it or have the technical know-how and associated parts and tooling, you can buy or build a wind turbine to generate a bit of power.

Um, emphatically, and once and for all time, 

Vinet, some people have been promoting these magical perpetual motion schemes for years to people who are naive. They sound good at first glance, but they simply don't work. (friction alone would gobble up the power with time)

IMO, when you hear someone adamantly saying things like "yeah, they works, but the evil (insert powers-that-be) have hidden the patents, killed the inventors, etc. etc... tripartite conspiracy...blah blah...", you should eye them with a high degree of skepticism, if not outright disdain.

It's simply a load of hooey and defies physics.

As a point of note, Regenerative braking, however is not, since what people are doing there is recovering energy during a braking phase that would otherwise just be dissipated as heat. (for instance, diesel locomotives have been employing that trick for 70 or 80 years, using generators in the braking system to "steal" energy and act as the primary brakes)...and just in case you weren't aware, diesel locomotives actually run on electricity. that's what the diesels produce. (afaik, the car sitting just behind the diesel houses the generators and batteries)

Yup, I too was quite skeptic about the claims but I thought it would be better to ask others about this technology.

What???? You mean all of those Hollywood movies about runaway trains are not based on reality!!! Impossible!! All script writers are at least grade school graduates so they could never make up something that wasn't actually based on the science and engineering that they never had a clue about.

I wonder if they could make it a requirement that there has to be a disclaimer at the start of those shows. "Warning -- that facts depicted as true science are in fact not true and are based on a fantasy world where things that cannot possible happen do."

Note that your PC is also a pretty big energy hog, especially if you leave it running 24/7, and most especially if it's an older model. If it isn't doing something useful, shut it down or let it hibernate.

Well-known acronym for There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

If you weren't familiar with that, you might also appreciate the informal but accurate summary of the three laws of thermodynamics:

1) You can't win.
2) You can't break even.
3) You can't get out of the game.

One that I have never heard in that form...thanks

Robert Heinlein I think is credited with defining the term I think Larry Niven took it and ran with it as "TANJ" - there ain't no justice.


Really enjoy Ring World.


From, The Playgrounds of the Mind;

As he left the blazing summer heat outside the Warlock's
cave, the visiting sorceror sghied with pleasure. "Warlock,
how can you keep this place so cool? The mana in this
region has decreased to the point where magic is nearly
The Warlock smiled and so did the unnoticable man young
man who was sorting the Warlock's parchements in a corner
of the cave. The Warlock said "I used a small demon
Harlaz. He was generated by a simple, trivial spell. His
intelligence is low---fortunately, for his task is a dull one.
He sits at the enternce to this cave and prevents the fast-
moving molecules of air from entering and the slow-moving
molecules from leaving. The rest he lets pass. Thus the cave
remains cool"
"That's marvelous, Warlock! I suppose the process can
be reversed in winter?"
"Of course."
Oh, I didn't think of it, " the Warlock said hastily.
"Have you met my clerk? It was his idea." The Warlock
raised his voice. "Oh, Maxwell...
Larry Niven

I have just discovered I bought the Ringworld Engineers some years ago....
Will read it soon !

Hope you enjoy it, there are more after that.
These days my reading room is the loo.
Maxwell's demon is a vortex tube.


Despite proof to the contrary, Politicians don't believe that.
We have such a political freeloader in a New York jail right now.


7 years ago

You could have helped a man who actually built an electric vehicle and
put alternators on all four wheel to charge the battery.

He was disturbed to discover his electric vehicle traveled much less
distance then on the battery alone.

WHY ?   A

Heh, try driving an EV around, you get some brilliant suggestions. Mount a wind turbine on top, put the alternator on just one wheel (so it only uses a *little* energy), etc. I've learned soooo many ingenious ways to be completely and utterly wrong. :P