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Resettable Fuse PPTC Polyswitch instead of normal fuse? Answered

Hello Friends,

I have basic multimeter which has 250ma 250v fuse in it. 

some how due to bad test it fused due to higher amps.

now I am planning to replace it with 250ma 250v Resettable Fuse or PPTC or Polyswitch.

can I go for it or it may create problem?

any body have tried?


Fuses blow MUCH faster than polyfuses. That's why meters aren't fitted with them.


Even though one can find 300v 100ma polyfuse Steve is correct no meter ever uses them.

Forgot to mention: If you constantly blow the fuse in your meter you are doing something wrong with your measurements!
You can't fix operator faults with fuses ;)

You want ultra fast fuses for a meter.
Never use slow fuses or even poly's, if there is problem you want the fuse to blow and not the electronics inside your meter.