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Rocketry Challenge Answered

I don'e know if anybody's seen it yet, but oscarthompson has had a grand idea: a water rocket challenge to mark the 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11.

He has started a group for people who want to work together to put together a scale version of a mission to Mars - three-stage launcher, controlled landing, the works.

He has put together a rough plan here.

Go. See. Partake.


Oh, Hi i just found this forum, sorry about the video i could convert it to a diferent file so you can play it Thanks for the comments

I don't know if anyone has seen oscarthompson's video, but if you haven't go back and look at it. (or click this)


when I clicked on that, my Quick time viewer locked up...

It's an avi: MPEG Layer-3, DivX compressed. Any problem QT might have with that? L

Hmmm, this time it told me it needed upgraded to play it *shrug*

Could be the DivX codec it needs. Anyway, the thing goes a good distance in the air, the parachute deploys successfully and there's an onboard view looking down.


Yeah, I think it is the codec that is missing...

What a great idea!!

Cool... I planned on shooting off some of my rockets to mark the date.