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Search problems Answered

Ever since the front page was redone with the current version I have a harder time searching for things, like if I search for "orrery" I get 4 results, none of which are https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Build-a-Paradox/  also for as long as I've tried to use it, the mobile site search results are horrendous. it finds tons of 'ibles that aren't even remotely related to what I've searched for, or match one word of my query at best. what gives?


Your orrery was not featured, so it does not cone up first.

When you get your results, do you see a star beside the search box? That means you are looking at featured projects. Change it for a small grid, and you are looking at all projects (see the screen shot below).

search drop down.jpg

its not actually my orrery, just one I've been referencing on a similar project, but thanks that worked! and actually the mobile search results are better too, I think it was ads cluttering the mobile search results, truth be told its been quite a while since I tried the mobile site, it'll be nice to use it again, it works much better on my phone than the regular site. although now I have the android app so its a toss up. thanks for your help!