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Simple 3 Floor Elevator Model Answered


I want to make a simple 3 floor elevator model. The Elevator should have UP and DOWN switches on every floor and should act as all normal elevator. 

I need a simple and detailed circuit design and which components should I use for it.
Circuit using Arduino Uno R3 is also preferred. 

Can someone please help me? 



You will need a motor controller and a motor to raise and lower the car. A button for the first floor, 2 for the second and 1 for the 3rd. Each button will need to be tied to it's own I/O pin on the arduino. You will also need 3 micro switches. These will also need to be tied to their own I/O pins so you can keep track of which floor the car is on. Other than that it's all about setting up the hardware and working out the code. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

Now you could go a step further and incorporate servos on the car to operate the doors. Then you would also need limit switches on the car so the system knows the position of the doors. You wouldn't want the car to move while the doors are open.This may require you to step up to an Arduino Mega so you have enough I/O pins to work with. All depends on how big and detailed this model has to be.

Thanks a lot, mpilchfamily!

There are various types of Motor Controller circuits. Can you suggest what type of circuit should I use in this case?

I can handle the coding part.

The controller needed will depend on the motor you use. The motor you uses will depend on how big and heavy the car ends up being and how you plan on moving the car up and down. If you have all your controls on a single panel to the side of the disply then the car will not weigh much. Then i would use a screw shaft to mount the elevator car. Then a nice NEMA17 stepper motor should be able to do the job for you. In which case any motor shield that will handle a stepper motor will work for you. Motor turns the screw shaft and the car rides it up and down. Even if you wanted to use doors the doors could be on the floor side only.

Almost forgot about the 3 buttons needed in the car to choose a floor. All needing their own I/O pins. 5 total is you want door open and losing buttons. With the right coding you could use a single micro switch on the car to keep track of the floor it's on.

Just sit down and think about what an elevator does and how it all might work. Shouldn't bee too hard of a thought experiment. That's all i've done to figure out what i've already laid out for you. I presume you class is covering electrical or mechanical engineering so you should be able to think it through from either an electrical or mechanical point of view if not both.

Is this a school project or work assignment?