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Simple 'Megaphone' like voice amp? Answered

If I wanted to create a simple voice amplification unit, what materials would I need and how would they be wired?



8 years ago

It depends on the desired audio quality and how big of a speaker you want to drive. For a simple 8ohm speaker driver all you need is a TL082, TIP31, TIP32, a few resistors, a trimpot and a potentiometer. These are all available at radio shack, under $10 probably.

PM me if you want a schematic.


10 years ago

TDA2002 (or 2003 2006) chip is good amplifier for about 10 W and requires few other components many similar chips exist for higher power amplifiers too - mostly they are called car audio amplifier chips and used in some car stereos each chip is a bit different in connection. if you got one search online for its name + "amp circuit" most of those chips need cooling when they work. mount it to a big aluminium plate (or profile with more complex surface and larger area - preferred) and make sure for good thermal contact. touch the chip when it works to see if its not too hot