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Sled dog harness? Answered

I was wondering if you can use a cheap walking harness for training and very small weights for training a sled dog??? If not where can I order a really cheap dog sledding one online??? Thanks!!


No a walking harness won't do. While the nylon straps of the harness may be able to handle the weight the cheap buckles will not. They will fail and the dog will slip out. Also the dog walking harness isn't designed for the dog to pull a weight behind it. Any strap you use to connect the harness to the weight will hang off to one side or the other. This will not be good for the dog.

Ok thanks!!! Do you know of any places where I can buy a cheap one online??? Im trying to figure out if me and the dog both like it but have no good harness:(

Start a little more simpler. Have your dog pull you on skates or a skate board. That should give you what you need to know. If it works out than find yourself a sled dog chat room or forum. Get to know some people active in the sport. See if there are people in your area who are into it. Then hook up with one of them as an aprentice.