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Soldering substitute? Answered

Is there anything that i can use instead of solder to bind electronics with? Im asking about solder itself, not the iron.


Im 12 but i love taking things apart and tryna build stuff out of the parts and i have done it without solder because i did not know what it was till now but its hard and is it possible to use like crayon wax or or something cheap i would really like to know plzzz help me

Looks like nobody has mentioned wirewrap yet. This can be a good approach for prototype/homebrew circuit construction.

Or solderless prototyping ("proto") boards Note that for house wiring, soldering is actually forbidden in many places; wire nuts are recommended instead. For some other applications (especially automotive, crimp connections are preferred.

Why ? Soldering is the best method we have for low resistance, high reliability and low volume.

Why might a person want to avoid using solder? 1) Fumes. Nasty fumes. Me no like nasty fumes. B) Skill. Soldering is a skill. Some people can pick up this skill fairly easily, but other people can be almost as rotten at it as I am. :) iii) Pronounciation. Americans (for some strange linguistic reason) pronounce "solder" with a silent "L" - for years, I thought it was spelled "sauter." This is fine until some Brits (or other Commonwealthy people) hear it; but once that happens, the tide of winks, nudges,and semi-supressed titters can quickly rise to engulf the cluelessly hapless Yank. (Okay, this isn't a real reason - but I really have been that cluelessly hapless Yank. :)

for electrical, crimps can be used, for electronics spring loaded sockets for certain components. That's the basis for breadboards... but for final circuits in electronics, nothing really beats soldering for durability and electrical conductivity. And we don't use guns. We use a soldering iron...more like a pen. Soldering guns are for electrical work...much too high powered, bulky, and crude for the application.

...and with a nasty habit of injecting currents in places you don't want 'em ?

Conductive glues?