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Some LED Projects !!! Answered


You can see my LED Projects:




Hi dear friend,

You guy had done a great job you know. i love your led projects

Of course they should. bye the way, where are you from and what about your name,dear friend.
Good do know you hear. My name is Colin Huang, and i come from China.
Meanwhile, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Hope so! Ketan from India. MC & HNY 2u2 and all the viewers!

"May the good belong to all the people in the world.
May the rulers go by the path of justice.
May the best of men and their source always prove to be a blessing.
May all the world rejoice in happiness.
May rain come in time and plentifulness be on Earth.
May this world be free from suffering and the noble ones be free from fears"
---- Vedic blessing