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TV-B-Gone Pro SHP Unboxing! Answered

I did a quick test and unboxing video for your delight of the brand new tv-b-gone pro. Here is some info from their site. You should get one. Great Range!

The TV-B-Gone Pro SHP (Super High Power) is a marvel to behold! Check out some of the features of this amazing and handy device: Turn off TVs up to 100 meters away! Includes all Gen3 TV-B-Gone Power codes for North America and Europe, covering well over 90% of all TVs in the world! One model for all countries! Light-weight, looks like a small PDA! More about the TV-B-Gone Pro SHP!


That looks so sweet. So, it looks like an iPhone, yet only has one function. It looks great for stealth TV attacks. Personally, I like the smaller one, just because it is more compact, but this Pro one has more range. I might just have to purchase one, and give the original to my brother.

Yeah they are great. I like the TV-B-Gone Kit. It is really pretty powerful. Thats how I made that video at best buy.

What is it with this modern craze - Look, it came in a box! Now it's not in the box! - ?

Some people like to see what they get when they order. Also since I pre ordered it and just got I thought most people haven't seen it yet.