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Thank You Instructables.com!! Answered

Thank you Instructables.com!! I got my burning questions prize pack in the mail today. the stickers are cool and the patch I like a lot. The laser etched robot was unexpected... very cool!! thanks!


Aw, dang, nice. I love getting stuff from them too, only though I've just gotten some stickers and a patch, but it felt AWESOME!

ya, they sent me all the stickers and patch... and because I did 2 of the burning questions they sent me the laser etched robot that said "New years resolution: make more awesome projects!" underneath it... its pretty sweet


10 years ago

Yeah, I got one a week ago. I put the stickers on stuff I made from Instructables, it looks pretty good on em.

Doesn't just feel like Christmas morning? I love getting stuff from them.

it made getting the mail awesome...lol... I was stoked all the way to work... took a lot out of me not to open it while driving... lol