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The Last HOPE.... Answered

I realized I mentioned this before, but anyone that is interested in the last HOPE convention to be held at the HOtel PEnnsylvania, before the historic site is torn down; it will be held in New York City, at the Hotel Pennslyvania ( info on the last HOPE convention can be found at the link ).

Steven Levy to keynote.

As part of a social experiment, attendees HOPE in July will be issued badges with electronic tracking devices. Large displays will show in real-time where people go, with whom they associate, for how long and how often.

The tracking technology, known as RFID, is fast becoming an unseen part of everyday life. This July, for the very first time, the general public will be able to participate in the transparent operation of a major RFID tracking program.

Conference attendees will participate in games built around the tracking system. Players will seek ways to protect their privacy, find vulnerabilities in the tracking system, employ data mining techniques to learn more about other participants, and choose how much personal information they will disclose in order to play.

This demonstration will be open to the public at The Last HOPE conference from July 18-20 at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. The first 1500 pre-registrants will be guaranteed an RFID badge enabling them to participate in the game.

Segway Racing

Back by popular demand, we will once again have the Segway "personal transporters" available for attendees to ride and race.

Vintage Computers Playground

Also returning, The Mid-Atlantic Retro-Computing Hobbyists (MARCH) organization will be bringing in an assortment of older machines for people to play around with.

Floor Layout

The Last HOPE. If you miss this one, there's nothing left to say.

In lieu of donations, flowers are requested.

I MISSED the Last HOPE !


I heard on the radio that stuff we buy at the store, say a bag of chips and a seperate can of dip, have little chips in the packaging, and they "talk" to one another and store information. So the chips company knows when you are buying their chips, and what else in in your cart-like the dip-and they all trade information. They even know if you pick something up and then put it back. Is this true?

Well, most of the barcodes are not really "chips" but the information about bought things are co-ordinated with the computers used to scan them in. Another thing, those cards that the Supermarkets have you "sign up" for, also help track what YOU buy, and my card, what I buy...

Oh, okay. But I think they were talking about real chips in the packaging, (unless I'm crazy...which is possible) I think they said that they knew when you had picked it up and then put it back...maybe I just heard wrong or something though.

Some stores have security mechanisms like that, yes.

I know, so am I. But I can't let the past keep me anchored....somehow I will move on *sigh*

I have seen devices in many stores that will not let you move the item more than a few inches from it's "place" before an alarm sounds or the cable stops you :-)

aww, i wish i could go. rfid would be fun

I wish I could too. Unless I have no further setbacks in my recovery, and if I also somehow come into some kind of windfall, where my bills get paid, I am not going to make it either. Short Term Disability only supplies about 66% of one's normal income. *sigh* I was also looking forward to diving into the archaic hardware room, and working with "stuff".


10 years ago

I have heard that the acronym is for Hackers On Planet Earth but HOtel PEnnsylvania also seems likely. I know several people planning to attend and they are all telling me I should go too... I might do it.

It actually stands for both ( depending on how one views "hackers"). With my heart surgery (double by pass) on Monday the 9th, it will be a good 6 weeks before I am recovered enough to even consider thinking about it....I may miss this last one as well, the way things normally go for me. I am a bit depressed about it too.

Well goodhart, I have something worrying enough to add, RFID isn't the only nuisance at range, today I read a barcode on a card from thirty feet away, with a handheld device anyone can buy...

Some of the new "versions" of the barcode (I have forgotten what they are called.....when I get home, I will look it up again) have some interesting "tracking" capabilities too *sigh*

That's a little scary, alsot eh phone is very like the machine I use in work, it uses a wifi connection throughout the shop to automatically chack codes on the system and tells me how many items have a sell by date I'm reducing for, we added the card witht eh barcode to the system as a tester for boredom, I set the record at around 30' the length of the front to the back of an aisle, by giving the machine a sharp knock and forcing the beam in to long focus you can use it like a laser pen, you can see it across the street so I'm guessing we could really get alot more distance at night when there's little interference, since sodium lights make little difference.

Seems like it'd be a fun event to go to...especially with the segway races. But alas, I cannot attend.

Yeah, I am hoping (no pun intended) to go if the wife will break down before then. She wants me to go all that way, and stay for only the first day Grrrr...