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The world needs ALL kinds of minds: dispelling the them versus us myth Answered

Temple Grandin in a 20 minute speech on the Autistic Spectrum.  The need for a variety of input as well as output....rather then putting out.

One can consider this as Self Hacking, if one wishes to incorporate a wider point of view.

The video can be found here



Some interesting points but why the fixation on the point that Aspies will save the world?  I do not discount anyone from coming up with good ideas or having a chance to do so.  I wonder if this has bled over into theological circles in terms of identifying who was an Aspie.

Caitlinsdad, are you referring to LR as a Cheerleader?  >:-)   But what if they don't NEED saving.....

Then you would have to call her something else...

I think the point is that, at the present time; "MOST" aspies are considered "broken" when they make up the innovators of the world.  Those that see things from a perspective that is not "already set";  the inventors, etc.  And they are being holed away as "diseased" or malfunctioning.  

If you want to see "theological aspies" in action, make a connection with the Christadelphian church.  If ever there was a religious gathering of mainly aspies, that is it. 
That's the point you see:  they make up a sector of people that believe you "must be totally informed and logical" about it.  They are "not the emotional panderers" and those that "sell religion by the Hallelujah bucketful".

If you don't know (haven't read and studied and reasoned it out), you can't understand, if you can't understand, you can't be a part of the group.

.  I couldn't sit through more than three minutes of that. Does that mean I'm ADD?

I would say it is rather, "lack of interest".....I listened to the entire 20 minutes and questioned whether it was REALLY a full 19:44 long.  :-)   Just a difference of interests...

Still, the world DOES need all types of thinking methodologies....including NTs, but each where they suite best,  and none of them "placed in dungeons or hospitals" unless they are dangerous or unable to care for themselves.

I am seeing people that don't want to live near "these damaged people".  Everyone has their own set of difficulties I suppose.  ;-) 

.  From what I can tell diversity and dumb luck are the two main factors that determine the survival of a species, so I'll agree that "all types of thinking methodologies" is a good thing.
.  What is NT? Neurologically Typical? Intuitive Thinker? New Technology?
> "placed in dungeons or hospitals" ... "these damaged people"
.  Maybe I'm just blind, but I haven't seen where Aspies are being discriminated against like that. Aren't Aspies, by definition, high functioning, ie, difficult to tell from the majority of ppl with a casual look?
.  Yeah, I'm playing a little loose with the definitions here. My point is: Apsies just aren't that much different than anyone else - "Everyone has their own set of difficulties." Their set of difficulties may be slightly different than that of most ppl, but we're all at least a little Fn crazy ;)

NT = Neurotypical    yes.

You wrote:
Maybe I'm just blind, but I haven't seen where Aspies are being discriminated against like that.

Of course, in this day and age, it is metaphorically so, rather then physically so.

The lack of education on the subject tends to created "sides",  "titles", and "little boxes" to categorize and separate, rather then understand and integrate.

The "adult" aspie, that has trying to cope for a long time, yes, is hard to tell in an normal setting from others, unless he/she has Schizoid Personality Disorder (abject avoidance of others),  or some other co-morbid. This is due to human beings able to adapt: but many on the Spectrum (autism) are very easily picked out as children, anytime before their 20's or 30's.   The very large chasm between "knowing a lot" and emotional maturity is more than obvious.   This happens to be when most on the spectrum become isolated rather then "exposed" to things.    My own Dad did not know what to do with me,  and the best he could do was to buy an Encyclopedia (which I did go through most of the 18 volumes that first year we had it).  Otherwise, there was little involvement with my development and education from him nor from my Mom (who was handicapped with a loss of hearing from a young age). I didn't "really" get exposed to electronics until I was in my 40's. 

I understand your point,  it is actually how the book:  All Cats Have Aspergers  ends, that is, "...we all have a little asperger's in us."  

It is the extremes that have the difficulty getting along, in school, at work, in social settings, etc.   And, because it IS a spectrum,  it is harder to "pin down" then say, a physical problem or difference.

Like you, I also have spent a lifetime learning to cope and fit in, So at a glance I probably don't seem alot different, but when I was a graduate of college at a very young age things were alot different, I am socially inept in primary social situations, however I can get along in society on a limited basis. I just prefer not to if I can avoid it. I think if I had not been ridiculed teased labeled and even beaten for thinking differently I might have been able to contribute to the common knowledge base, as it is, I have learned it is easier to keep it to myself

Yes, in my case, my "coping skills" combined with the abject and consummate loneliness I grew up with have pushed me to make attempts at social interactions.  They still remain limited; store clerks etc.,  those in my church (especially the younger ones and the much older folk;  one young person I know has several real neurological problems, and we get along famously :-)  and of course, those on line.

My second trip to NYC, unlike the first one that was only about 12 hours long, will last for 3 days; it will require "some" interaction (probably a "room-mate" even) etc.  but it will be amongst a group of Geeks, Phreeks, and fellow Aspies (identified as such or not).  Even then, it will be difficult for me as I just don't have the experience in opening conversations.  I believe I mentioned this before, but once I drove home a young lady (way back when I was single) from Nearing, ILL  to Indiana and did not speak a word, because she didn't initiate any conversation. :-(   (she was smart, and bookish, but attractive....*sigh*,  it is hard to give up dwelling on the things that could have been, had I made different decisions in my life).


I often wonder if I might have actually accomplished something professionally in my life if I hadn't been such a geek. looking back I had so many chances to really make something, and I just couldn't quite pull it off.

Looking back, and I can't do it often, it makes me depressed with regret, but I was not exposed to much of anything before my 21st birthday.  And then, it was a bit late for me to get into a field that was already closing it's doors somewhat.  

Had I had a bit more exposure to electronics as a youngster, there is no doubt in my mind I would be an electrictronics engineer and not a computer tech. in a small insurance company.

But dwelling on things like that is a waste of present day time :-) 

Yeah! I try not think about so much, sometimes I get kinda down. Like when I wrote that, and that is when I think about it. Truthfully I have had a pretty good life, maybe not easy but at least I have always had the basics and sometimes alot more. When I get down, I ask  myself  "what have you given to society?"

> Truthfully I have had a pretty good life, maybe not easy but at least I have always had the basics and sometimes alot more.
.  There would be a lot less whining and crying if more ppl would realize that. A trip to rural MX in the mid-'70s really opened my eyes to just how lucky I am. My Life isn't perfect, but I have it a LOT better than those ppl did.

I just want to look at people sometimes and say hello 2 major earthquakes in essentially third world countries, stop whining about what you lost in the stock market.

OK, you two, buck up.

No need to get into a funk. Look up, not down. Straight ahead, not back...however that song goes....

You are contributing to society by your mere existence.  You make the best with what you are given and try to enjoy it.

Way ahead of you:    But dwelling on things like that is a waste of present day time :-) 
Mar 1, 2010. 10:37 PM

Wait, caitlinsdad,  are you saying my "taking up space and using resources" is a contribution to society?   I never thought it would be so easy >:-)

Tis all a matter of everyone rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, trying not to get in some people's way, helping some others out, and telling the band to play on...

Ack !  Rearrange the chairs and I am likely to get all caught up in them !  :-) 

.  If nothing else, the nice-to-a-fault Goodharts of the world help to balance out the much-too-grouchy NachoMahmas. ;)

I would have thought it was the other way around:   the Grouchos,  I mean the Nacho's of the world balance out the sickly sweet ones of the world ;-) 

Most the time I do pretty good at keeping my chin up,  when I am under the weather after treatments, is usually when I feel down about it. Today I am doing better than yesterday, tomorrow will be better and in a couple of weeks when I am sick again it will start all over. I would say there is times when it is somewhat natural to look back.  However I am sure I have contributed because one of my favorite sayings in life is "In 100 years it will not matter what my bank account was, what kind of car I drove or maybe even my name but somehow the world will be a better place because I made a difference in the lives of animals"

Yeah, I would have liked to contribute to both animal world (even if only in the small way I do, by rescuing Cavies turned over the the local Shelter) and the human world. 
I could have been a chemist (I liked it in High School) or programmer (adult ed class, I graduated during a recession), or electronics engineer (and developed the first normal temp. quantum computer); but here I am,  operating a computer bank at an insurance company....I haven't the resources to do much of anything on my own though.
But I don't get depressed about it (often), just a little regretful at times.

When I get down, I ask  myself  "what have you given to society?"

Yikes,  I never ask myself that, or I REALLY get depressed  LOL 
I still hope I can contribute something worthwhile...soon.