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Tiny timer with display Answered


I want to make a timer - a very small one - for using in school, for cookling and so on...
It needs to have a display with at least four digits, five buttons(reset, on/off, start/stop, minutes and hours). I'm planning on powering it by a CR2032, or another button-sized battery.

Does anyone have schematics or circuits I could have a look at?

In advance, thank you:)


Do you already know how to make the software part, that means the programming of the microcontroller you will need? I don't think there are any ICs that fulfill all of your requirements.
You could look after a cheap alarm clock, disassemble it and put it back together in a new self made enclosure.

I thought of that, but it needs to be like 2*5cm and maybe a half centimater deep