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Use Patches as Prizes for Member-Run Contests Answered

Hi everyone in the K'Nex forum! You guys have been the leaders in running your own contests on Instructables, and I think that's awesome. Our new patch system was designed with you in mind. You can use it as a way to give out "official" recognition to the people who win your design challenges and competitions. Let us know how it's working, and have fun!


If I weren't in New Zealand I would 'Go Pro' Sigh...

What's wrong with living in New Zealand?

Paying for it. We don't have pay pal.

Oh no! Well I hope they have some way to make you pro.

I'm over in Australia, not too far (in internet terms) from where you are.

BUT you use paypal. There is no NZ paypal.

True, but considering how often I use it I don't know much about it. :S

It's a face (tilt your head anti clockwise 90 degrees.)

I know it is a face. What the hell does it mean.

Modern Western examples? Don't us from the East get a mention?

Eeh hee hee! I like the Eastern Style more than others!

Last week some one was telling me that in terms of "backwardness" NZ is somewhere between Australia and Tasmania - No PayPal? I might start believing them...


That's what I thought, but they reckoned the three were various numbers of years behind the rest of the world, Tasmania about 30....


?????????? Can you please explain your last two comments?

Someone was saying they liked NZ because it was "years behind (UK)", like Australia, but more, and Tasmainia was even further behind, so even better. I didn't really know what they were talking about, but maybe they were thinking of PayPal...? (no I don't think so) L

Ok. Now I get you. It might be in internet speed. Or mobile phone calling plans.

Or perhaps it was the evils of modern life (absent or otherwise)? L

You can mail in a check, but it would probably cost more than pro itself....


9 years ago

What do patches actually do (sorry if I'm asking the obvious)?

they show up on the user's profile. They do nothing but make the recipient happy you gave one to them.

He's not.. gone is he? My fellow hell raiser?

No he's back. But he decided to keep it! L

As an example, see here.

Enter, if you like.

Too bad there arent any pro knexers...

The demographic for the K'nex community is mostly under 18, and for the most part they tend to like things free. How do I access these patches? I don't see that particular screenshot shown anywhere. The patches need to be more exciting too. Also, you could try selling patches like on Facebook. Their gifts make over $10 million a year amazingly enough.

to submit a patch, you go to the profile of the recipient. its right under the private message button.

When you wrote that, there was at least one pro member whose interests included knex.

I will be, when I get access to my dads paypal account...

Here, you can even have a patch to award - feel free to use and modify.

Patch KNEX.png

Here's another one you could use. Do whatever you want with it.

There's also the PSD file, but you'll need the "Aller" font, which you can get for free here.

Oh, and here's the full JPG.


i like the look of the connector and due to the size of the patches, i doubt it will look anything like that as a patch

I dunno, I looked at it as it's 75x75 size (here), and It's still readable. Instructabels really fooges up the quality on it, but it's readable.

I really wonder why Instructables tones down the quality that bad.

Yeah. Well, I made the PSD available, and the only issue I see is the "patch" is a bit small at that size.

I particularly like the way the knex pieces looks I would almost be tempted to just put that on a white background