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Vampire teeth implants? Answered

can anyone give me any info on getting my canine removed and having ether vampire or animal style teeth put in there place? if i would have to get stainless steel ones that's ok, but i prefer them to look like real teeth. can anyone hook me up with some info on the subject? thanks guys


Why on earth you would like to do that.

If you were talking about ordinary dentistry, I would say "go and talk to a dentist".

However, since you're talking about a fashion statement, the best thing to do is to make caps for your teeth so that they appear longer. Substances like "shapelock" can be easily and safely moulded to cover your teeth, and happen also to be tooth-coloured.

If you need to do something grown-up, like go to work, or speak without a pronounced lisp, you can just pop them off and nobody will be any the wiser.

The briefest search for "vampire teeth implants" on google shows that you can have removable caps installed or permanent caps. For the permanent variety your teeth would be filled down to allow permanent installation (they are not fully removed). This process should be done by a cosmetic dentist and will most likely not be covered by your insurance so it can get quite pricey.

If you are considering this procedure I guess you probably know a few people that already have had it done. I suggest talking with them to get additional information and specific recommendations on dentists and sizing.

Mr. Google can. He's your friend.