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Voltage multiplier and magnetic force? Answered

Does magnetic force affect how much energy is multiplied by per section in a voltage multiplier like the one in this instructables: https://www.instructables.com/id/Build-a-Variable-High-Voltage-Power-Supply/ ?

I was thinking of making this multiplier and to make it a bit more variable to make a voltage multiplier (electro-magnets around the capacitors) like the ac voltage muliplier on sparkbandbuzz.com


Electromagnets around the capacitors will not have the desired effect on them.

Post a link to the sparkandbuzz project you are looking at.

There are ways of making it variable using magnetism. Google Variac.

Here is the link to the spark, bang, buzz project



This is a very interesting concept and one I may take up on the next version of my power supply. Thanks for the link.

A "Magnetic Amplifier" around the multiplier for the Variable High Voltage Power Supply will not have an effect on its output because the multiplier is not a magnetic device.

However, using a mag-amp circuit with a step-up transformer to control the AC input to the 6KV OBT is an interesting idea. Use transformers that can handle a 5Amp current capacity so as to be able supply the OBT without blowing a fuse.

After building the variable HV Power Supply "as-is" substitute the Variac with your modified mag-amp circuit and only test it WITHOUT the High Voltage Multiplier.
When you are satisfied with those results, then go for the High voltage stuff.

Here is one possible change to your control circuit, though. Replace your potentiometer with a 10 turn pot attached to a vernier dial of say a 100 to 1 ratio. That will give you extremely extra fine control on the high voltage output.

Now the only question is how to verify the actual output of the power supply?
Good luck with that one!

That is a magnetic amp. It's basically a magnetic variable resistor. Describe your project in more detail and we may be able to work out something.

My idea was to use the instructables project I put the link to above but it seemed to not be very variable so I wanted to maybe put the magnetic amp around the voltage multiplier to increase the output but have a variable resistor for the electro magnet to increase said voltage like a fine tuner.

The part labeled VT1 is a variac. It's a variable transformer that will vary the power from 0 volts ac to 120 vac. Some of them are wired to increase the voltage to 130 or 140 vac. Using the variac as shown should make the power supply extremely variable.

An as I mentioned earlier, wrapping coils around the capacitors won't have any effect on them that I'm aware of.

This is a project that should be built as described first and after it is working exactly as described THEN make single modifications to it.  It can become extremely dangerous to build or make modifications to.